Pattern and Punch

Interior Designer Kelly Behun, with artist Alex P. White, has curated a bold new exhibit at R 20th Century Gallery in NYC titled After. Known for her work with high powered clients such as Rupert and Wendi Murdoch and Ian Schrager, the show includes limited-edition pieces from Kelly Behun Studio as well as work from seven additional artists. ‘Generally drawn to strong shapes and clean, almost architectural lines’, Ms. Behun brings a strong history of collaboration with artists to this new show.  The installation is beautifully composed; a dynamic display of pattern, varied scale and graphic imagery. Presenting a monochromatic palette, one can feel the energy and visual punch almost jump off the page of the photography of the exhibited work.

The resultant outcome of the project is Kelly Behun Studio’s introduction of a custom furniture collection. This is only the beginning. I look forward to seeing the promised work that is yet to come.

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A Match Made In Heath-en

When highly-acclaimed ceramic powerhouse Heath Ceramics pairs up with a local artist, you pay attention. And when that local artist is none other than Los Angeles-based artist Geoff McFetridge, you really listen up.

Thus, the latest collaboration between Heath Ceramics and Geoff McFetridge is one for the stars. Debuting in Los Angeles with a show entitled My Head Disappears When My Hands Are Thinking, the new line features graphic illustrations on timeless clay. A perfect combination, yes?

Congrats, Heath & Geoff! We hope to see much, much more from the both of you.

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