Why Don’t You…?

handwritten art work

… get sentimental with your artwork?

Whether you’re still holding on to pen pal letters of years passed or are looking for something creative to do with a particularly telling grocery list, handwritten notes can double as custom artwork faster than you can nail another hole into the wall. Simply take the original to your local printer or office supply store and have them scan and blow up the image. Then, head to the craft store for an over-sized frame and – boom – instant graphic-based art for your happy walls.


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Why Don’t You…?

… go diagonal?

After spotting this image on Decoratrix, I knew exactly what’s been missing in my art gallery inspiration files. We’ve seen random arrangements, tiled grids, even the floor-to-ceiling approach. But a diagonal, staircase-inspired display of artwork? Perfection.

I love how it frames the low credenza and the patterned flooring plays so well with the geometry above. Tell me – would you try it in your own home? Or do you prefer a more traditional display? I’d love to hear!

Image Credit: Decoratrix

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Why Don’t You…?

Image Credit: Concept 2012

… bleach your bedroom in an all-white color palette?

Hanging frames sans artwork is one of my favorite budget decorating tips, and when painted white and displayed so perfectly over a bed, these frames looks FAR from budget!

Because the bedroom should be a calming atmosphere, I love that each frame is white and keeps an otherwise cluttered look from becoming too visually stimulating. And with a natural texture and neutral color palette for the bedding, the minimalist wall installation gets a big boost in the cozy department.

What do you think, friends? Would you try the look in your home? (Here’s hoping you’re in an earthquake-free zone, of course!)

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Why Don’t You…

… go completely overboard?

There’s nothing calming about the living room above, sure, but doesn’t it just grab you? Of course, one might argue that there are far too many cushions, not nearly enough seating and an uncanny amount of mismatched artwork. But I say? Beautiful.

Go ahead – break the rules this week. You have our permission.

Image via That Funky Boutique

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Why Don’t You…?

…display your camera as artwork for the world to enjoy?

Face it – your extensive collection of vintage snaps aren’t getting enough attention lately, so why not pull them out of storage and hang them as artwork? Not only will you be making a stylish statement, but you’re much more likely to grab your favorite Polaroid and explore the city next time you walk by your pretty new art wall.

Happy framing!

Image Credit: Rabbits & Snails

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