Treehouse for Birds and People

A seventy-eight room bird apartment. A special type of treehouse designed for the Ando Momofuku Center in Japan by Tokyo studio Nendo. The treehouse provides collective housing for “many birds and one person. On one side, the treehouse has entrances to 78 nest spaces for birds. The other side has an entrance for one person, who can look into the birds’ nests from inside the treehouse.” What a rare opportunity to get an up-close-and-personal glimpse of aviary wildlife, as Momofuku’s birds prepare for winter and, in the spring, hatch new chicks. I am an avid bird enthusiast. I would love to experience this space and get a birds eye view into the nurturing and private life of our feathered friends. This treehouse provides the opportunity to engage youth and adults alike and connect to nature in a fun and unique way. Great design. Beautiful, functional, and filled with life and meaning.

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