Framing Keepsakes for the Nursery

Before my son was born, I dreamed of framing the onsie he wore at the hospital and hanging it in his room like in these sweet pictures below.

I just absolutely love how delicate the tiny, white clothes look against the substantial, heavy frames in this room.  And I really appreciate the sentimental, personal quality this infuses in the nursery.  I also like how if you took away the crib and the changing table, the only thing that would really give a clue that this is a baby’s room is the sweet detail of the keepsake art on the wall.

I like the example below as well.  The painted white, ornate frame reminds me of the mirror in Snow White and the pop of color behind the onesie helps add to the whimsey of the room design.

Unfortunately, the outfit our son wore at the hospital is so large it would require a huge frame to display it (he was 10lbs 5oz at birth, hence the 12 month size on the hospital issued outfit) so instead I am keeping this idea in my back pocket for now.  But I might just look into using a small shadow box to display a newborn picture of him and the hospital bracelet I still have in a folder somewhere in my attic.

Did you frame any keepsakes in your child’s nursery?

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