Carnival Dreams

A couple of years ago I bookmarked this gorgeous wall paper from Catherine Martin for a friend of mine who is in love with all things Circus/Carnival.  My guess is, if you have been hanging around shelter and design blogs for a while, you’ve been there, seen this and most likely bought the T-shirt.

Don’t get me wrong…it is still cute and I still lurve it more than life itself…but lately I’ve been on a more sophisticated nursery design kick.  So when I saw these ABSOLUTELY-GORGEOUS-CARNIVAL-PRINTS from Irene Suchocki at Eye Poetry, I just knew I had to make an inspiration board for a sophisticated, carnival nursery.

Here’s my take on the sophisticated, carnival nursery (PS – you can click to make it larger)…

As a base for the room I would totally use FLOR’s Round Button tiles in Red.  Other ‘base pieces’ include the Skylar Crib from Pottery Barn Kids in white/espresso, a really fun Eames Rocking chair like this red and white one found at Alibaba and Heellloooooooo-lover…this amazing, mirrored glass dresser from Anthropologie.  For a touch of whimsy, I would do an installation of paper lantern shaped spheres like these from Martha Stewart…but I would add in some other elements like this fun, vintage style hot air balloon from Loopy Mango.  I also fell in love with this little, silver elephant and think it would look amazing on a bookshelf.

After I made this collage I found the perfect piece to tie it all together.  Imagine the crib against the wall with the gorgeous prints above the crib and this awesome piece from Urban Outfitters.

I know, I know…it isn’t that practical to have a large, marquee light above an infant’s crib…but I still like it and I think it takes this room to the next level.

What’s your favorite carnival element?

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Framing Keepsakes for the Nursery

Before my son was born, I dreamed of framing the onsie he wore at the hospital and hanging it in his room like in these sweet pictures below.

I just absolutely love how delicate the tiny, white clothes look against the substantial, heavy frames in this room.  And I really appreciate the sentimental, personal quality this infuses in the nursery.  I also like how if you took away the crib and the changing table, the only thing that would really give a clue that this is a baby’s room is the sweet detail of the keepsake art on the wall.

I like the example below as well.  The painted white, ornate frame reminds me of the mirror in Snow White and the pop of color behind the onesie helps add to the whimsey of the room design.

Unfortunately, the outfit our son wore at the hospital is so large it would require a huge frame to display it (he was 10lbs 5oz at birth, hence the 12 month size on the hospital issued outfit) so instead I am keeping this idea in my back pocket for now.  But I might just look into using a small shadow box to display a newborn picture of him and the hospital bracelet I still have in a folder somewhere in my attic.

Did you frame any keepsakes in your child’s nursery?

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The non-themed theme

The most recent trend in nursery decor seems to be the non-themed room which falls right up my alley.  I am such a huge fan of our spaces having an essence or a feel without banging us over the head with a theme…unfortunately, such blasé-ness isn’t easy to achieve well.  I liken it to being a teenager and working on your hair for ages in the bathroom trying to get that quintessential I-didn’t-try-too-hard-on-my-hair look.

Fortunately, there are some wonderfully inspiring spaces out there to use as a stepping off point:

This one tows the line for me…there isn’t a TRUE theme…but there is a color story.  Regardless, it makes me smile and is fun and vibrant and kid friendly:

I had a wall of mirrors like this in a room of mine when I was just out of college.  Suffice it to say, had I known how great it could look with a collection of vintage, feminine accents, I might not have taken the crowbar to it:

Take away the toys (and oh yeah, the crib) and this entire room could be an adult’s space.  Not a thing screams nursery:

This thoughtfully edited kids room has color and excitement and whimsey and ALL of it could be carted out tomorrow.  It is a great example of making a fun kid’s space without having to commit to painting the room:

I like to imagine we were able to pull off ths non-theme theme in our own nursery below:

What about you?  Do you prefer a theme or a non-theme theme?

{source: 1 – Tara Seawright; 2 – Basil Walter Architects; 3 – Ish and Chi; 4 – Elisabeth Dunker Gothenburg via Design Mom; 5-7 – Miriam Bradford}

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