A Bathtub Boat!


The moment I spotted this fun, quirky (yet oh so beautiful and sophisticated!) bathtub boat on Shelterness, I knew precisely what I’d be writing about today. After all, it’s not every day you see a well-designed object that so perfectly beckons you to live that slow, meaningful life you’ve always dreamed of.

Indeed, life is fast. Slowing down for a warm tub sounds like a dream come true – especially when soaking in a wanderlust-inspired object. What do you think, friends? Would you purchase (or build!) a tub shaped like a boat? Or is it a bit too… nautical for your taste? Weigh in below!

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Why Don’t You…?

…cover your entire bathroom in mirrors?

Image via Remodelista

The look screams vanity, but with a touch of creative class. Of course, if there’s one room you can be vain in, I’d say it’s the bathroom.

Designed by German firm Tulp Design, the look is anything but average. Even the ceiling is covered with differing sizes of white, glossy mirrors, making the space feel larger – if not a bit chaotic.

What do you think? Would you ever recreate this look in your own bathroom? Or are some reflective angles better left unseen?

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Same Tile, 3 Different Looks

I'm endlessly impressed with how a few statement furnishings can entirely transform a space. Take, for instance, the following three bathrooms. They each feature the same light-colored subway tile on the walls, but look so different when paired with meticulous accents:

The Scandinavian Stunner (image via Nura Loves)


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Fancy a tub time?!

Who says we can't indulge in a little tub time in the middle of the day, right? Pure dreaminess to the umpth degree… luxury to the max. Is it hard to believe there are so many options out there? Probably not. But personally I would love for it to be an everyday luxury. Or maybe a once-a-week luxury? For some reason, I'm not much of a tub person unless I'm vacationing somewhere far far away. That will truly be the time for me to completely decompress, let go of the workload, the computer, and yes, the cell phone. But, and I'm going to do an all caps BUT here, if any one of these gorgeous baths, whether indoor or outdoor belongs to me, you betcha I will be tubbing all the time, LOL! I am not going to keep rambling on and on here, because there are some seriously awe-inspiring baths below for you to feast your eyes on… enjoy!


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