Beauty In The Unfinished


Image Credit: The Society, Inc.


I like to think that someday, at some moment in my life, I'll look around a crisp, clean living room and smile, thinking to myself "Yes. This is it. I am now completely finished decorating and it looks gorgeous." I will then set my curls, powder my nose and drift into the kitchen to check on my fresh baked cookies.


Yet I know deep down inside that this day will never come. Because much like my passions, experiences and interests, life never stops (nor does it slow down!). And if I want my home to be a reflection of my life, it must continually change, yes?


And therein lies the beauty of decorating. Whether I'm switching out a bedside lamp, changing out and freshening my artwork or updating my color palette, the surroundings I choose for myself are continually evolving. And although sometimes this means cords are in disarray, paint swatches are showing and fabric samples are displayed, I'm comfortable with that.


After all, a house is simply a home for the soul, right?


Here's to transformations, both big and small in your own home. Let the imperfections show and infuse your space with personality, love and evolution! Happy decorating!

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