Why Don’t You…?

…place your bed in the middle of the room?

As a child, I was constantly rearranging items in my bedroom – first a dresser, then a nightstand and finally the bed itself. Yet one combination I never tried? Moving the bed to the center of the room. Sure, we’ve seen centered headboards on walls, but I don’t remember the last time I spotted a bed standing alone in the middle of the room.

In the above image, a radiator prevents the homeowner from placing it against the wall, so a few feet live between the wall and bed. To keep the look grounded and purposeful, the nightstands float into the room next to either side of the bed, creating an island of beauty. What a surprisingly pretty solution. The room feels cozy and welcoming (likely due to layered bedding and a stack of books), but also open and unfussy. And because the bed lacks a headboard, the space feels minimal and irreverent.

Tell me, would you ever take the plunge and move your bed to the center of the room? I’d consider it in a heartbeat!

Image Credit: Kristofer Johnson via Yatzer

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Product of the Week: The Rocking Bed

You’re flabbergasted, aren’t you? Me, too. I can’t quite speak to its functionality, but I will say that this rocking bed design is out-of-this-world beautiful.

Designed by Shiner International’s Joe Manus, the bed can be cemented in place with rubber stops, or left to rock the night away. Available as an indoor/outdoor piece, I can only imagine what a statement it would make in any space.

Of course, this unique piece will set you back a pretty penny: $3,000 to be exact. A small price to pay for mobile dreaming, yes?

Photos via Archigalle

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Why Don’t You…?

Decor is all about breaking the norm, bending the rules and pushing through the boundaries. Look around your home: how many "rules" are you living by that just simply don't suit your lifestyle? A symmetrical room you just can't relax in, or a stiff, upholstered sofa you have to wrangle your children from daily?

Throw the rules out the window. Case in point:

Image Credit: Number 19

Some might argue this bed isn't grounded properly in the room, with no headboard or end tables (save the one in the corner) to help balance it. Yet this bed is cozy, inviting and beautiful – with or without matching end tables. Sure, it's floating in the middle of a giant room, but it works.

Inspiring, yes? Remember this bed next time you're second-guessing whether your home is decorated "properly" or not. (Hint: there is no "properly!")

Go forth and have fun with your decor — FLOR's orders!

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3 Unique Beds

As much as I love great design, it means nothing without a touch of whimsy and personality. In other words, I'm a believer that your home should be yours, rather than a cookie-cutter replica of a glossy loft you've seen in the mags. Naturally, the following bedrooms scream of personality and the look is sheer perfection. Care to take a peek?:

[Image via: Poppytalk]

With a rustic, personalized headboard, classic color palette and simple patterns, this bedroom is the perfect mix of masculine and feminine. And who wouldn't want to sleep under a romantic profession of love?

[Image via: Anthropologie]

Perhaps the least expensive headboard ever, this chalkboard wall is perfect for the non-committal. Craving a French four-poster bed? Feel like switching to a Danish platform? Fill in the blanks and color outside the lines of this chalkboard wall for an impromptu headboard that's as fun as it is personal.

[Image via: Suzie Beezie]

Low on space and high on bodies? These makeshift loft bunk beds look cozy and perfect for the little ones in your life. Why not try an adult version next time you redecorate? After all, why should the kids get to have all the fun?

Happy decorating!

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