The Adria

The new Adria hotel is opening in London. Housed in a historic Victorian townhouse built in 1870, it introduces a true boutique hospitality experience to Central London. A 24 bedroom hotel, Adria has been designed as a residence with rooms portraying individual atmospheres of British tradition. Appropriately, there is a sense of whimsey applied to the naming conventions of the rooms. Rooms are not “numbered”, but “lettered” with “A” being Adria, each room follows alphabetically so you can stay in the Bowler (B), the Croquet (C), the Downing (D), the Elizabeth (E)-  you get the picture.

When looking through photographs of the newly completed spaces, I was taken by the subtle modern application of pattern. In traditional interiors, there is often formal use of patterning which is repeated on various elements in the space. The Adria has taken this approach and layered tactile elements such as upholstery, drapery, headboards, and wallpaper, in a beautiful, fluid and graceful organic pattern. Because of the varied texture and location of these visual bursts of activity, be it sat upon, or looked at across the room, the repetition is balanced and harmonious. Lovely. I believe it supports the stated intent of being a ‘second home’ creating intimacy and comfort.

This is a technique that can be implemented at home as well. There are many collections which offer a textile, as well as wallpaper, which can be used to create a similar room scene. Don’t limit yourself to the expected. Lampshades, bedding and window treatments  are easily constructed from these products as well. Keep the backdrop and color palette plain and simple, which will allow these patterns to read and play against one another. Have fun!

Images sourced at The Adria Hotel.

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Why Don’t You…?

Image Credit: Concept 2012

… bleach your bedroom in an all-white color palette?

Hanging frames sans artwork is one of my favorite budget decorating tips, and when painted white and displayed so perfectly over a bed, these frames looks FAR from budget!

Because the bedroom should be a calming atmosphere, I love that each frame is white and keeps an otherwise cluttered look from becoming too visually stimulating. And with a natural texture and neutral color palette for the bedding, the minimalist wall installation gets a big boost in the cozy department.

What do you think, friends? Would you try the look in your home? (Here’s hoping you’re in an earthquake-free zone, of course!)

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Why Don’t You…?

… go simply crazy with your bedding?

Indeed, why choose just one pattern when you can showcase as many patterns as you’d like? After all, your home should be a place for fun and whimsy, so decorate to your absolute delight.

Not sure the stacked blanket works for you (or are you an undoubtedly warm sleeper)? Try playing with textiles in other areas of your home: throw pillows on your sofa, tea towels in your kitchen and aprons in your mudroom. As a general rule, as long as the color palettes are complementary, you can mix as many patterns as your heart desires!

Happy mixing!

[Image Credit: Mokkasin]

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Design With a Sense of Humor

Funny, quirky furnishings are my favorite decorating finds (who doesn't want to smile when they pass a silly lamp or throw pillow?). So when I spotted Snurk Bedding over at Gessato, I giggled my way… all the way to the online checkout process.

Image Credit: GSelect

Inspired by the always-missing unmentionables from endless loads of laundry, Snurk's White Laundry series features seemingly xerox-ed items of clothing at the end of the bed. Genius, and so, so cute.

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Bedtime stories…

I once read, "A perfect bedroom is both stylishly practical and seductively comfortable…" I love bed linens. Although you may think I'm not much of a linens lover when I tell you I only own white sheets, but I am! I like to add pops of colors with throw pillows. In fact, I change them out every season, depending on my mood or what colors I am obsessing at the time. Textures also play an important role here for me – I love mixing different quilts and throws, whether to dress it up, or down. What about you? What colors or textures do you have on your bed? Even though I'm a crisp-white-sheet kind of gal, I have always been fascinated with antique linens. I find myself going through piles and piles of vintage pieces at flea markets. A friend of mine loves to make pillowcases out of them (secretly wishing I was that crafty). Given we spend one third of our lives (or more!) in our bed, we should really be making the best out of it. Perhaps our choice of bedding is really an extension of our personality, a visual interpretation of sorts…

{ images: top, 1-2  scanned from Pottery Barn Bedrooms, photography by Prue Ruscoe; 3-6 scanned from Chic Simple Bed Linens, photography by Maria Robledo }

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