Inspiration: Lilac in the Home

One elegant, soothing and lovely passage of spring is the lilac with all its sweet, delicate and hypnotically fragrant goodness.  Late April into mid-May all the windows on the north side of the house would be open and the perfume from our next door neighbor’s row of lilac bushes would waft in on every breeze.  The sensation, similar to crisp-white-sheets-dried-in-the-sun and fresh-from-a-soap-and-water-bath with a puff of grandma’s dusting powder—was pure bliss.

Now just imagine if we could re-create that sensation in our homes, every day. Here are three easy ways to bring lilac into the home…

1. Bedding: the Martin Lilac bedding collection duvet from Unison is soft and subtle, perfect for a soothing bedroom environment.

2. Interior Paint: a low VOC paint from Serena and Lily works splendid in creating an interior inspired by the fresh outdoor colors of spring.

3. Accent pillows: bring in subtle hints of lilac into the home with decorative accessories like these lovely Moroccan inspired pillows.

Lilac works best paired with other seasonal spring colors, so think of using pure whites for a contemporary room or an eggshell or cream for a more traditional pairing, alongside light sky blues and grassy greens with your decor accessories and flooring. Birch wood furnishings look especially nice accessorized with lilac and white. Need further color pairing inspiration? Here's one of our favorite sites for pairing up complementary hues.

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