Junior’s Dwelling

Spaces designed for children on the pages of our favorite magazines, tend to focus on the infant and toddler. Understandably an exciting time in the life of a young family, nursery spaces are full of promise and focus. Quickly it seems, themed elements are soon outgrown, and spaces for the adolescent are often, shall I say, a bit uninspired. Benicarlo Mobile has developed concept spaces for just this demographic of the population. Fun. Flexible. Sophisticated. Yet, decidedly not stuffy or boring. The first thing I noticed once I got past the eye catching color was the accommodation of multiple residents. Whether it be a sibling or guest, each of these spaces can handle it, beautifully. Flexible and modular, the furniture can be rearranged to meet the needs of just about any function. Beds double as sofas, and are perched on wheels, to allow mobility and reconfiguration. Uniformity in the design of the shelving and furniture pieces provides the ability to reconfigure these elements in numerous ways as well. The colors are wonderful. There is no shortage of opinion. Just the way it should be.

Images sourced at Benicarlo Mobile



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Inspiration: Painted Headboards

On a recent trip to Kaua'i, I stayed in a rental home where the headboard was this tropical foliage painted on the wall. It's a fun idea that's affordable, unique, and adaptable to any size bed and wall. You can go with something floral like this, a traditional headboard shape, a simple stripe of color, or whatever else you can imagine. (This is a great place to use those wall stencils, too.) And when the color or design no longer suits your style, just paint over it and start anew!

Here are a few more inspiring faux headboards…


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