Why Don’t You…?

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… mirror your headboard?

The headboard is so often the focal point of any bedroom, so why not jazz it up in a big way? Here, a former vanity mirror doubles as a show-stopping headboard in a quirky, unique fashion.


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Why Don’t You…?

…place your bed in the middle of the room?

As a child, I was constantly rearranging items in my bedroom – first a dresser, then a nightstand and finally the bed itself. Yet one combination I never tried? Moving the bed to the center of the room. Sure, we’ve seen centered headboards on walls, but I don’t remember the last time I spotted a bed standing alone in the middle of the room.

In the above image, a radiator prevents the homeowner from placing it against the wall, so a few feet live between the wall and bed. To keep the look grounded and purposeful, the nightstands float into the room next to either side of the bed, creating an island of beauty. What a surprisingly pretty solution. The room feels cozy and welcoming (likely due to layered bedding and a stack of books), but also open and unfussy. And because the bed lacks a headboard, the space feels minimal and irreverent.

Tell me, would you ever take the plunge and move your bed to the center of the room? I’d consider it in a heartbeat!

Image Credit: Kristofer Johnson via Yatzer

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A $5 Headboard

Regine, a 30-year-old nursing student, recently whipped up an amazingly simple DIY project for her bedroom: a headboard made entirely of electrical tape! By creating an unexpected silhouette behind her bed, the room suddenly looks a bit more finished (and a lot more quirky!).

I love the idea and my mind is reeling with the possibilities: different shapes, scales – even words! I haven’t tested electrical tape on walls and am leery of paint-peeling, but I’m sure washi tape would make a similar impact – for a lot less hassle when it’s time to take down! Tell me, would you try this idea? And what would you design as your headboard? I’d love to hear!

Image Credit: Regines Kreativiteter

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Why Don’t You…?

… transform your headboard into one giant bedtime story?

Vancouver-based graphic designer/photographer Kassandra recently crafted this fantastic book headboard and my mind has been blown to pieces ever since. How great would this be in a kid’s bedroom, filled to the brim with faraway tales and action-packed adventures? Or wouldn’t this make the perfect photo backdrop for a family of bookworms? Such a lovely idea to tackle on a quiet afternoon.

What do you think, friends? Would you fall asleep under your favorite reads?

Image Credit: Design Every Day

p.s. For more headboard inspiration, check out tapestry headboards, painted cross-stitch headboards, and – gasp – a headboard under $100!

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Why Don’t You…?

… ditch the headboard in lieu of your favorite tapestry?

Creative headboards are some of my favorite surprises when it comes to bedroom design. From road signs to barn doors, it seems any found object can become a stand-in for an everyday headboard. Why not highlight the natural texture and comfort of a bedroom by hanging your favorite textile?

The look is perfectly bedroom-friendly. Instead of a hard, modular headboard, you can create a cozy and soft atmosphere in the simplest of ways. Have a spare scarf? Frame and display! A favorite curtain panel? Hang and highlight! The possibilities are indeed endless. Get to work!

Image Credit: Phorm Interiors via Decorology

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