A Clothes House

I love the look of a clothing rack in any bedroom. There’s just something so very industrial-meets-functional about displaying your threads out in the open, waiting to be sifted through and creatively-ensembled. (Although I’d have to seriously pare down my wardrobe to keep things looking neat and simple!)

But there’s also something very boring about your average clothing rack. The style hasn’t really changed much in years, and if you’re using a clothing rack to make a statement… well, why not make a statement? This clothing house designed by Ola Giertz is a game-changer for that very reason – perfectly functional but with that very necessary element of surprise every object deserves.

Proof that clothes crave four walls (or four wheels, in this case!) just as much as we do.

Image Credits: Ola Giertz

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Bright Idea: Treetop Bunk Beds

One of my favorite memories of my childhood bedroom was the bunk bed I shared briefly with my older sister (my parents quickly learned that no sleep would be had if the arrangement continued!). Yet our normal wooden bunk bed pales in comparison to this masterpiece found in a Slovenian apartment…

Can you imagine the good dreams you’d have while pretending to sleep amidst the highest of treetops? I love how creative the aesthetic is, but the function is still maintained in its entirety – perfect for sibling sleeping arrangements, or even a separate reading nook for a lucky little kid.

And wouldn’t this piece fit right into the barn-inspired kids suite Miriam posted? Proof that fun design elements don’t have to be reserved for grown-up spaces only!

Image Credit: Design East

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Why Don’t You…?

… go overboard with your bedroom’s light fixture?

The bedroom is the perfect place to experiment with statement lighting, as it’s often a pretty minimalist space. After all, who needs more than a bed and a pair of nightstands in their place of slumber?

Dress up your average bedroom by adding a gigantic, unique light fixture centered over the bed. The room will feel less like a utilitarian space and more like a glamorous nighttime retreat – perfect for catching your much-needed beauty rest every night.

Happy snoozing!

Image Credit: The Style Files


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Why Don’t You…?

… transform a basic white tutu into a statement pendant for your bedroom?

Now, I’m not an electrician so I can’t attest to the safety protocol of lighting, but I’m absolutely in love with the idea. And at the very least, it could simply become a faux pendant, yes? (All of this coming from a girl who loves form and not function, of course!)

And you wouldn’t have to stop there – how about covering your favorite floor lampshade in a salmon tutu, or perhaps even spotlighting a dining room table pendant with a black tutu? The look is positively fun and surprisingly versatile – all the makings of a DIY done right!

Image via Annaleenas Hem

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Why Don’t You…?

… color block your bed frame?

Even the most traditional of bed frames can look modern with nothing more than a roll of painter’s tape and a can of your favorite hue. Created by Barb of Knack Studios¬†and spotted on Poppytalk, I love the color palette, composition and bold statement of what used to be an average bed frame (photo below).

I think it suits just about any space, yes? Tell me, friends – would you give this DIY a try? (I definitely would!)

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