The 5 Minute Storage Solution

You know that pile of laundry that sits on your bedroom floor? The “not-quite-dirty-enough-to-be-laundered” but certainly “not-clean-enough-to-be-placed-in-the-dresser” pile? Surely I’m not the only one.

Enter a quirky, yet genius solution: Dress boys. Take a few of those random chairs you collect, slice them in half and drill them into your wall (landlords beware!) for a fun, impromptu hanging station.

Ah, laziness can be so beautiful.

Via Ikea Hackers

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Subtle Trends: Nautical Design

I love a good trend, but despise a room with a theme. My favorite spaces (by far!) are those that feature accessories that pull together a space and feature a design trend, yet seem to appear transitional in terms of time and location. In other words, a subtle trend is featured yet not glorified.

In the image above, I've sourced products with a seaside spin that aren't overtly nautical. In other words, boats, anchors and fish are uninvited!

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What are your favorite subtle design trends, and how do you incorporate them into your own home?

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Why Don’t You…?

When it comes to bedrooms, I'm normally of the "less is more" school of thought. After all, we seem to toss and turn enough as it is — why add bold patterns and loud graphics to an already restless space?

Image Credit: Living, Etc.

Yet when I spotted the above bedroom from Living, Etc., I knew I'd changed my tune for the better. Why not mix graphic patterns with quirky touches and celebrate your favorite color in the grandest of ways?

Sure, there is a lot going on in this space. But because the color palette is singular and the textures layered, the aesthetic looks comfortably lived-in rather than messy and dissonant.

What do you think, dear readers? Could you sleep well in this bedroom? Yay or Nay?

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Let’s talk paint!

How do you tackle paint colors for a room? Do you tape a few swatches on the wall or do you actually paint patches of colors next to each other, let them dry, and then decide? I was browsing through the April issue of Elle Decor and saw this advertisement for Farrow & Ball (above) and thought, now that's interesting… quite brilliant actually. They have taken each of their new Spring 2011 wall colors and painted them onto objects to illustrate various color schemes for each featured color. They went as far as dying fabrics to reiterate the idea, adding a new dimension to the vignette – which I love of course. What a refreshing way to visualize just how each color interacts with one another. 

And then I had a flashback… an idea from the March issue of Livingetc (below) where they also used a Farrow & Ball wall color (Brassica No. 271) for a bedroom. What I found intriguing was that they actually left the top as is, combining two very different aesthetics together – an unfinished look of abstract brushstrokes with a perfectly tailored bed – what do you think?

{ images: top / Elle Decor April 2011; 1 – 3 / Farrow & Ball; 4 / Livingetc March 2011, photography by Katya De Grunwald }

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The trailer dream…

Can you imagine living out the nomadic trailer dream? I have to admit, I've given this thought more than once or twice. Purchasing an Airstream and just take off, up the Pacific Coast Highway then cross country? That would be the day… and I'm not saying it sarcastically, I do think it could happen, I mean, why not right? Especially seeing these photographs. How could you not dream a little? Everything thing about it is so warm and cozy. Potted plant on the windowsill, patchwork quilts… Notice how the trailer is decorated with mix and match fabrics – from the curtains to the wall AND ceiling coverings. The floral silk curtain is actually quite a nice touch. Let me tell you, I'm eyeing that pendant lamp in the bedroom, those intricate folds, just gorgeous. Not too shabby of a trailer really, I spotted two Vitra pieces: the turquoise chair by the trailer door (shown below) and the coffee table in the bedroom. And a few fun Liberty fabric prints sprinkled around add to the eclectic vibe. But you know what I yearn most about living the trailer dream? Keeping everything down to minimal, bringing with me just the absolute bare essentials…


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