Treehouse for Birds and People

A seventy-eight room bird apartment. A special type of treehouse designed for the Ando Momofuku Center in Japan by Tokyo studio Nendo. The treehouse provides collective housing for “many birds and one person. On one side, the treehouse has entrances to 78 nest spaces for birds. The other side has an entrance for one person, who can look into the birds’ nests from inside the treehouse.” What a rare opportunity to get an up-close-and-personal glimpse of aviary wildlife, as Momofuku’s birds prepare for winter and, in the spring, hatch new chicks. I am an avid bird enthusiast. I would love to experience this space and get a birds eye view into the nurturing and private life of our feathered friends. This treehouse provides the opportunity to engage youth and adults alike and connect to nature in a fun and unique way. Great design. Beautiful, functional, and filled with life and meaning.

Images and excerpts sourced here.

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Spring Has Sprung

It’s time for a picnic in the park, or a walk in the nature preserve to observe the budding flora and fauna. These beautifully designed accessories make for a well equipped and fashionable outing. For toting, hunting, birding and biking, these natural and handmade items will make your day.

Clockwise, Image 1   The Opinel Mushroom Hunter’s Knife is for mushroom hunting. The 3″ curved blade cuts stems with ease and features a serrated section to scrape off larger bits of debris, while the natural bristle brush finishes the cleaning job.

Image No. 2  This sweet little bell, made of solid brass,strikes a clear and friendly tone with each strike of the lever. Brass is rust-proof and will mellow over time to a rich patina.

Image No. 3  Hand made from Appalachian white ash—the same hardwood that baseball bats are made from—this bike basket provides a place for light cargo as you pedal around town. The wood is left natural and will darken with weather and time, or it can be finished to help preserve the original appearance. Vegetable tanned leather loops are designed to fasten to handlebars.

Image No. 4  Carefully hand crafted by a small workshop in France, each of the wooden calls accurately duplicates the songs of birds in the wild, and comes packaged in its own wooden box. The set of six includes: Robin, Mourning Dove, Owl, Common Gallinule, Warbler, and Mallard Duck. Birding is one of the fastest growing outdoor hobbies and no wonder–what other language can be learned as easily?

These spring-time inspirations were found at CANOE in Portland.

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Take Flight



I am an avid bird enthusiast. Given the Chicago climate, I find myself gazing outward, seeking connection to the outdoors and the beauty of nature that exists, even on the coldest of winter days.  

I have become a curator of sorts, having researched the feeding habits of some of my favorite feathered friends. I customize my seed to attract specific breeds; Thistle for the gold-finch and dark eyed junco, mixed nuts for the woodpeckers, chickadees and nuthatches, and black oiled sunflower, for the blazing red cardinal. Outside my window is a veritable gallery of natures masterpieces. 

One of my favorite frequent visitors, is the spectacular Red Bellied Woodpecker.  He is a gorgeous fellow, about 12" tall, and is about as striking an image of texture, pattern and color as any traditional artistic medium could offer.


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