Black and White

Our design team loves the timeless and classic look of black and white. It can add drama to a space, serving as a bold focal point, or offer a more understated design statement when paired with complementary colors and tones.

For summer, we’ve added two new styles to our stable of black and white styles:  Lasting Grateness and Filigreed.  They have an airy, botanical feeling to them – with the Lasting Grateness’s grillwork pattern and the subtle leave motif in Filigreed – which could be a beautiful addition for summer decorating..

Lasting Grateness



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What’s Black & White and Custom All Over?

We think the combination of black & white is great for holiday entertaining and decorating – it blends elegance with a bit of an edge.  This customer couldn't find the right black & white rug, so she used Feelin' Groovy in bone and black to create a truly custom design to coordinate with her dining room decor. 

Check it out, below:

I couldn't find a large black and white striped rug for my dining room so decided to create one using FLOR tiles.  

It was so easy that I thought I must be doing something wrong!  But it turned out wonderfully and I am sooooo happy.  

I've shared my pics with all my Facebook friends. 

Thanks, Lucy R.

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More than just black + white…

When I was twenty-two, fresh out of college, I moved to New York City by myself and was very lucky to have found an amazing, albeit small, studio space downtown. In a doorman building, high ceiling with exposed beams to boot, vintage glass door knobs, beautiful view of a church across the street… BUT for the life of me, I could not remember why I disliked my bathroom floor so much. It was tiled with the classic black and white pattern, nothing quite fancy as the one pictured above! But it was simple, easy on the eye, perfect for a tiny New York City apartment. Now looking back, I wish I still had that floor. I blame it on age and just simply didn't know any better! These images of black and white tiles really made me appreciate what I had many odd years ago… and the possibilities!


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