Seamless style with practical benefits

We love the shot on the cover of our latest catalog .  It’s the epitome of FLOR style – sleek, sophisticated yet incredibly practical and livable.

Our design team came up with this über elegant look – which blends in with the minimalist black-and-white décor perfectly – to showcase not only how you can design floorcovering to complement your surroundings; but also how you can achieve the seamless look of conventional carpeting in a fresh, modern way.  This rug set is a combination of Rake Me Over in Bone, Fog, Graphite & Black.  If you’re loving this rug for your room you can go here to find the rug maps of how to create it.

What – you wouldn’t dare put white carpeting in your living space?  Well, we believe in living (and designing) fearlessly.  The ability to clean or replace just one square (instead of an entire room) is just one of the many benefits of a modular system. Not to mention, if white is really not for you, you can swap out the white with the color of your choice. It’s that simple!

Seriously – we’re not exaggerating … ask around.  I bet you know someone who has had a gorgeous rug or brand new carpeting ruined by a stain or spill or an overly worn spot or two.  Tell us your tale by email us at or check out more real-life stories on Facebook.


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Scandinavian Dreams

I've been planning the perfect Thanksgiving in my head for months (I know, it's a bit early to chat about Thanksgiving, but it's November, so that counts for something, yes?).

I'm dreaming of a Scandinavian Thanksgiving, with black, white, wood and patterns. Of course, aprons, wooden spoons and tea towels are ever-present, but I'd also love to bring in some extra decor for the holidays. Mixing IKEA with some old classics, I think I've managed to get the look I'm dreaming of!:

Oh, I can feel the chill in the air already! Are you getting excited for Thanksgiving? How do you plan to decorate?

[all image credits at polyvore]

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