What I saw in… Concarneau.

Concarneau, France. One of the largest fishing ports in France – it’s only fitting that I lead off today’s post with this brilliant print by an local artist named Valérie Le Roux. Brilliant in every sense. The orange-red was practically jumping out of the wall when I first caught sight of it. Love her illustrative style, what do you think?


… I couldn’t get enough of French white lace curtains. Saw them everywhere in France and I have to say, they have really grown on me. And so is the color blue…


… just the most charming crêpe stand tugged away in a corner on a cul de sac. Sea green counter with black and white chalkboard/handwriting is too lovely for words.


… and of course, more crêpe related graphics! Don’t you just love this? Couldn’t pass this one up. She looks so sweet… with the red and white polka dot tablecloth in the background? Yeah, pretty awesome.


… I did say my new favorite color is blue, right? We walked by so many private residences. It was amazing to see them “from behind” so to speak. Look at the one below with their garden out back. A bit unkept, but isn’t that the true beauty though?


{ all photography by Peggy Wong }

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What I saw in… La Rochelle.

La Rochelle, France. Even though it was a bit overcast the day we were there, I could still imagine what this western seaport looks like on a sunny day. Focusing on the details again for this post, I can’t help but to notice the color blue, everywhere! What a beautiful common thread – from street signage to floor tiles, in all shades and form. The “Rue sur les Murs” sign (above) is such a classic French street sign. That navy, almost ultramarine blue is just beautiful with the white type.


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A blue story…

For some reason, I've been really attracted to the color blue lately. Maybe it's the fall, or maybe I'm secretly hoping for a wintery November. You would think I would be into the autumnal colors like burnt orange and red, but no, here I am typing away and trying to speak the language of blue. I find blue to be a color that is constantly reinventing itself. Whether it's combined with another hue, or by gosh, paired with gold! What a striking and stunning effect it illuminates. And here are just a few lyrical names that I found describing shades of blue – Bleu de France, Bondi Blue, Cerulean, Majorelle Blue, Glaucous, and of course, Tiffany Blue. Pink is often associated with love and affection, and it's the gentlest of all romantic colors out there, but I don't know, call me crazy, I think blue is my new romantic color. Just couldn't get enough of it… and because that is the color I'm currently craving, below is a collection of blue photography that I've been starring at, literally. The word "stunning" came out a few times when I first laid my eyes on them. What is the one color that you crave? 


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I’m Dreaming Of A Blue Christmas

Oh, goodness. I know I just finished saying that I loved a neutral, natural monochromatic holiday, but that was before I stumbled upon blue, blue and more blue. And I love it. How beautiful are these sky-colored displays full of wonder and light?

Whether you have a blue velvet settee or not, why not incorporate some lovely indigo into your gift-wrapping (that sweet dress gift tag in the right photo above is slaying me!). A decadent peacock color would look smashing with some lighter, teal accents and a deep blue ribbon.

For ornaments, blue looks lovely next to a sweet green spruce or equally festive when utilized in a white, wintery wonderland display.

Of course, baubles in blue jewel tones set the stage for a glamorous little holiday! (In fact, I’d add plenty of pearls for a dramatic, feminine look.)

As for table settings, I love the watercolor look in the left photo above, but an easy way to incorporate a similar aesthetic is with a few colored glass bottles and tapered candles. Instant mood lighting!

Ahhh, we’ll have a blue wonderland enough!

[Images courtesy of Ditte Isager]

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