Bon Appétit!

Have you seen the newly redesign Bon Appétit magazine? I couldn't take my eyes off of it, even from just the sneak peek that they posted on their website. I'm particularly glued in not only because I'm a food enthusiast, but because I freelanced there a few years ago and I do have a fond memory of my time there. Seeing how it has evolved is very exciting for me. I still recall those days when I got to taste test the recipes coming out from the test kitchen. But most importantly, I'm thrilled to see the new typography, layouts, photography directions, content… AND this first redesign issue is all about Italy – let me just declare my love for Italian food right here, right now. If you ask anyone who has ever dined with me, they will tell you that I have never passed up an affogato or panna cotta on a dessert menu. There's even a story on the Missoni family, titled Casa Missoni. The headline reads, "Is good taste genetic? Three generations of the Missoni fashion famiglia prove that color and cooking are woven into their DNA", now that I cannot wait to read! So here I am, anxiously waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail…

{ all images from Bon Appétit May 2011 }

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