Nestled in the mountains, one hour away from the city of Salzburg Austria, is Wiesergut, a modern retreat. A family estate, beautifully transformed into a sanctuary of light, nature and fresh air. The plot of land on which the Wiesergut stands, has been in the family since 1350 and has been used for small-scale farming for over two generations. This tradition continues, preserving artisanal craft with locally-sourced foods grown on the grounds that grace the tables of the hotel’s restaurant. Bespoke furnishings by Austrian designers commissioned exclusively for Wiesergut furnish the hotel’s 24 private quarters, from hand-blown glass chandeliers right down to the steel door handles. The attention to detail in every part of the experience, from food to view to space is intentional and beautifully designed.

Images sourced at Design Hotels


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The Adria

The new Adria hotel is opening in London. Housed in a historic Victorian townhouse built in 1870, it introduces a true boutique hospitality experience to Central London. A 24 bedroom hotel, Adria has been designed as a residence with rooms portraying individual atmospheres of British tradition. Appropriately, there is a sense of whimsey applied to the naming conventions of the rooms. Rooms are not “numbered”, but “lettered” with “A” being Adria, each room follows alphabetically so you can stay in the Bowler (B), the Croquet (C), the Downing (D), the Elizabeth (E)-  you get the picture.

When looking through photographs of the newly completed spaces, I was taken by the subtle modern application of pattern. In traditional interiors, there is often formal use of patterning which is repeated on various elements in the space. The Adria has taken this approach and layered tactile elements such as upholstery, drapery, headboards, and wallpaper, in a beautiful, fluid and graceful organic pattern. Because of the varied texture and location of these visual bursts of activity, be it sat upon, or looked at across the room, the repetition is balanced and harmonious. Lovely. I believe it supports the stated intent of being a ‘second home’ creating intimacy and comfort.

This is a technique that can be implemented at home as well. There are many collections which offer a textile, as well as wallpaper, which can be used to create a similar room scene. Don’t limit yourself to the expected. Lampshades, bedding and window treatments  are easily constructed from these products as well. Keep the backdrop and color palette plain and simple, which will allow these patterns to read and play against one another. Have fun!

Images sourced at The Adria Hotel.

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City Circus Hostel

With the rapid growth in the boutique hotel market, it seems appropriate that a hip and happening designer Hostel would be of great interest. A budget friendly option for the well traveled, providing all the the comforts of hotel living. In a difficult economy, a welcome respite. City Circus in Athens, Greece is filled with only necessary, simple, comfortable and well designed objects. Vintage and reclaimed furniture, and local artist’s work fill the rooms. The vibe is thoughtful and inviting, suggesting gathering of family rather than strangers. The environment designed to foster a very real essence of community. Lasting memories, and many return trips.

Images and excerpts sourced at Yatzer

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Droog For Rent

Have you ever wished you could try out a cool design product before you buy it? You know, a big ticket item like a bed, or kitchen sink. How about linens? Are they soft and smooth, and will they live up to laundering? ‘In the historical centre of Gent, Droog and Sofie Lachaert have launched Droog for Rent. Upstairs from the Sofie Lachaert Gallery, Droog re-designed a studio and a flat for 2 in which you can find a “restaurant”, “lobby”, “gym” and a “library” all fully equipped with Droog products.

Droog for Rent offers you a unique opportunity to try and buy not only brand new products but it also gives you the chance to experience Droog’s top design pieces – icons of the 21st Century – as long as you wish for.’ I’ve been to hotels where they might sell a t-shirt, or bath products enjoyed during my stay. But the light fixture? The chair?  What a great concept!

Images and excerpt sourced at Droog.

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Airstream Holiday

Looking for something a little different for your holiday getaway this year? How about this ‘temporary housing for chic nomads’. A stay in an airstream trailer could be just the ticket. A destination for the design minded, this 1965 Airstream Safari is nestled in the heart of Big Sur. At 22ft long, this classic sleeps two, has a full bath, and kitchen amenities.

I’d love to own an Airstream. But for now, my family and I enjoy camping under the stars in our big canvas tent. A night in an Airstream under the vast skies of Big Sur near the beach, might be a nice way to to get a taste of Airstream living and culture. Although my version of the interior would likely reflect my personal design sensibilities, I applaud the gesture of interpretation here. Clean lines, and a comfortable modern interior are welcoming for the off-the-beaten-track getaway.

Images and excerpts sourced   boutique-homes.com


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