The perfect minimalist cabin

This beautiful minimalist cabin, exudes elegance despite its modest and unassuming materials. It is a ‘one room’ floor plan, with spaces defined by various functions such as working, sleeping, and eating. There is a loft which takes advantage of vertical space, and provides an element of privacy. I especially like the furniture collection. Vintage finds, but not your typical and expected faire. The bucket chairs above, by Walter Knoll are highly collectible, and work beautifully as a sculptural element in the understated environment.

The cabin was built with paneling on the interior as an environmentally friendly alternative to gypsum board. Natural lighting is maximized and controlled for direct gain through clear glazing, as well as a diffused effect with the use of polygal panels, which are durable and long lasting.

The modest footprint lives large due to attention to daylight, the flow and the function of space, minimal and light framed furniture, and the clean, uncluttered, design aesthetic. I’d like to move right in.

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Dark Walls in Denmark

As much as I love clean, pure, white walls and furnishings, my heart tends to skip a beat when faced with dark, cozy homes. Exhibit A: This comfy getaway in Denmark, as spotted on My Scandinavian Retreat.

Paired with faded patterned textiles, worn leather furnishings and white trim, dark walls seem to rejoice in the lazy days. Can you imagine hibernating here during the dog days of summer or cold winter nights?

Of course, when working with dark walls, warmer elements tend to play nicer — try rustic wooden floor boards, lightweight artwork and minimal furnishings like the ones displayed above.

What do you think, friends? How dark would you go?

Images via Vart Nya Hem


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Why Don’t You…?

… create a playhouse in the middle of your living / dining space?

Rooms are meant to be played in, as witnessed by the fun and quirky wooden facade seen in the middle of this Canadian vacation home. In fact, this wooden construction simply leads guests into a separate wing of the home, but I adore the illusion of an outdoor-inspired treehouse in the middle of an indoor space.

What do you think? Would you ever build a playhouse in your space — with or without kids? I’m filing this idea away for future reference indeed!

Image Credit: Dwell Magazine

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Nice In Norway

Santa needn't ask these homeowners if they've been naughty or nice, because the answer is an unabashed "NICE!" ringing clear through the blog-o-sphere. I first spotted this home on Emmas fantastic blog (although the original source is Skona Hem) and I simply couldn't believe my eyes.

I'm loving all of the natural elements in this space, mixed with rugged textiles and vintage fixtures that keep the look balanced, cozy and, in my humble opinion, immaculate.


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