Days Go By

A long, long time ago, I came across this image in my Martha Stewart magazine and I was smitten.

The form.  The function.  The style. The practicality.  I HAD to have it in my house.  Except that we don’t have a wall big enough for such an installation so I put it in the back of my mind and thought I would eventually forget about it.

I did…until one day I saw THIS picture in my This Old House magazine.  I thought I had gotten over my love for this chalkboard calendar, but clearly I hadn’t because I tagged it and put it in my inspiration folder.

Then, our very own Peggy posted the Martha Stewart picture on her Wall Envy post back in September and it was official…I wasn’t the only one struck by the awesomeness of this wall calendar!

So I started to look for some more inspiration to see if I COULD bring something like this into my home.  I came across these photos of the calendar Allison Waken installed in her foyer.  It was so nice to see that someone other than the Craft-bots (which I sincerely mean in the nicest way possible) over at Martha Stewart could successfully pull this off.  Allison’s walls are too textured for the chalkboard paint, so she picked up some hardboard at the hardware store and went from there.  It’s amazing, no?

Somewhere along my search, I veered off to this wonderful studio space kept by Geninne.  Can we talk for a moment about how awesome-sauce her chalkboard calendar set up is.  Not sure if you noticed it right away, but the calendar is painted on galvanized steel so the whole thing is also a huge magnet board.  Genius.  Absolutely Genius.

And I really loved the practicality of this installation over at the studio Free People uses as seen on their blog, BLDG 25.  It was created with some yarn and the backs of wallpaper panels, scrap paper and even sheet music…it isn’t a chalkboard, but is just as whimsical, unique and functional aaaaaaaand still too big for my house…but I was getting somewhere…

And then I came across the pièce-de-résistance as found in a post from a few years ago on Apartment Therapy.  Erinowes repurposed a gem she found at an architectural salvage store and it is absolutely stunning….AND small enough that I could totally do something like it in my kitchen.

What about you….have you ever fallen in love with the chalkboard calendar?


PS – for those of you who have the space for one of these in your home but not the time nor the talent to pull it off, check out this awesome offering from Ferm Living over at fawn&forest.  The squares are decals that adhere and remove from the walls easily AND you can write on them with chalk!

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