I’ve spent a lot of time of late, researching imagery creating at once a sense of  remoteness, and a connection to nature. A place to get away, both literally and figuratively. Athough highly impossible, I’ve decided this is where I want to live. Casa Malaparte, built in 1942 on the island of Capri, sits on a dangerous cliff 32 meters above sea level overlooking the Gulf of Salerno. The physical siting of the house, positioned on the edge of civilization, speaks to the owners need for solitude, reflection, and the challenge provided in the element of danger. Imagine the spectacle of a storm at sea, safe within your bunker, yet very much engulfed in the experience. And, in contrast, the intensely peaceful and serene views and sweeping breezes on a quiet summer day. I never cease to be amazed just how powerful the art of architecture is. This, a modern expression void of visual noise, is a built representation of the homeowners unique vision. Incredible.

‘Today the dwelling is owned by the writer’s heirs and most easily seen by boat (or by revisiting Jean-Luc Godard’s 1963 film Contempt, in which the roof provides a sunbathing venue for Brigitte Bardot). ‘

image and excerpt sourced at Architectural Digest.

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