On the Hunt: Candy-Coated Chairs

Chairs are some of my favorite accent pieces for the home, and what better way to accent a forgotten corner than to add a splash of candy-coated color? I’ve been on the hunt for a vibrant industrial-inspired seat for a few weeks now, so I thought it might be fun to share my findings with you! Behold, six options for a happy fanny!:

1. Mint barstool ($300) at DWR
2. Turquoise kids’ chair (£74) at My Haus
3. Garden side chair ($67) at Home Decorator’s Collection
4. Spark lounge chair ($348) at DWR
5. Light blue vintage Tolix chair ($895) at ABC Home
6. Tolix perforated armchair ($156) at DWR

Happy shopping, friends!

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Back to the Basics

I am a horrible accessorizer.  There.  I said it.  A typical outfit for me is jeans and a plain shirt and too-comfortable-to-look-good shoes.  My accessories stop at my wedding rings and my stud earrings.  So it is no surprise that my house is dressed rather plainly as well.  The main pieces in our home – the couch, the dining room table, the side chairs – are all simple and classic.  And just like with my personal style, I find it entirely overwhelming to add a print or any glam or even an accessory past the typical white vase with flowers.

Recently, I had an epiphany in the form of this fun purse from Vera Bradley.



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The 5 Minute Storage Solution

You know that pile of laundry that sits on your bedroom floor? The “not-quite-dirty-enough-to-be-laundered” but certainly “not-clean-enough-to-be-placed-in-the-dresser” pile? Surely I’m not the only one.

Enter a quirky, yet genius solution: Dress boys. Take a few of those random chairs you collect, slice them in half and drill them into your wall (landlords beware!) for a fun, impromptu hanging station.

Ah, laziness can be so beautiful.

Via Ikea Hackers

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Vintage Eames…

Have you ever wondered, standing in front of a fabulous piece of vintage furniture, whether you are purchasing a genuine or replica design? Be it a chair, table, lamp, or even a clock? This pair of vintage chairs really piqued my curiosity when I spotted them sitting outside an antique store. No doubt my first thought was, “Yes! I found a pair of vintage Eames fiberglass shell chairs!” When I flipped them over to see if they bore any markings on the bottom – there were none – my heart quickly sank. The base/frame was a bit questionable as well, so that didn't help with the situation neither. Still, I wasn't entirely convinced. What if these are in fact the originals and they are just so worn out that the markings were gone? So I conducted my own investigation, well, more like research really. What I came across was more than just "evidence" that the pair of chairs I saw were indeed not originals (boo!), but rather a whole lot of vintage Eames product literatures, postcards, color swatches, order forms… There is something very nostalgic and magical about these printed materials. Or maybe it’s just really refreshing to see them on such a simple and basic level. There are no bells and whistles, just good, honest designs. Got to appreciate that…

Just for fun, found this 1963 vintage Herman Miller poster/ad. If I wasn't convinced before, I am now. Not only were the pair of chairs I saw indeed fakes, and I bet they were circa 1963 too!


{ images: top, camera phone image by Peggy Wong / 2 – 6 / 7 }

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Let’s All Have a Seat

Recently, my husband decided he wanted to get a seat for our 15 month old son.  He promptly headed to our local baby-supply warehouse and realized that there was not one option available that he felt comfortable bringing home.  Their main offense: licensed characters.

Now, before I get labeled anti-fun, I should let on to you that I actually KNEW some of those licensed characters (as we put it back in the day) “inside-out”, and took my relationship with those characters and the relationship of those characters with their adoring public very. seriously.  So I totally understand the purpose of those characters in children’s lives and imaginations.

That said…I don’t want Mickey, or Tigger or Lightning McQueen or Barbie or any Marvel Comic Superhero plastered all over a major piece of furniture in our living room.

Thankfully, there are some terrific options out there for toddler chairs in a variety of price ranges:

Top Left: You’d be hard pressed to find a chair any cuter than this cow, bear and bunny trio at Restoration Hardware; Top Right and Second Row (Left): The quality workmanship and great style of these selections from KidsZits in the Netherlands makes the delivery fee to the US worth it

Second Row, Right: Land of Nod offers this classic, frameless seat for kids

Third Row, left: Have you heard of the Fatboy?  Basically it is a plush pillow/cushion that you can form to any variety of seat to prop you up.  Awesomely, they have a kids size…even more awesomely…they’ve partnered with Marimekko to make some super vibrant seating solutions; Third Row, right: By far, the most versatile of all the options, the Fleezy Futon converts to a lounger by simply detatching the top from the bottom

Bottom Left: Pottery Barn Kids has lots of slip cover options for their frameless “Anywhere Chair”; Monte’s Cubino Chairs are offered in a range of colors and are a beautiful option for any modern playroom.

We ended up going with the option from Pottery Barn Kids since it had the same shape as our armchair and thus fit in well with the rest of our living room decor.

What chair would you choose?

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