Cheryl Oz Designs

I recently stumbled upon an artist on Etsy, Cheryl Oz, and was immediately taken with her beautiful watercolor prints, specifically the one below with gorgeous detail and retro vibe.  I feel like a large scale print of this piece in a minimalist kitchen would be incredibly striking.

But what REALLY got my going once I explored her Etsy shop a bit more were these incredibly beautiful gouache prints of classic, Charles and Ray Eames mid-century modern chairs.  Cheryl really captured the beautiful lines and curves and shapes  of the pieces well.  I specifically love that even if you can’t afford to have one of the chairs in your home, you can always live vicariously through these genuinely sweet prints.

According to Cheryl, the original painting was of three of the Eames chairs including “the leather lounge chair, the molded plastic chair and the molded plywood chair”.  But thankfully for all of us, she decided to take each chair and create a larger 8×10 print (She also has 5×5 prints available).  It looks like Cheryl also added this beautiful, blue, molded plastic rocking chair to the mix as well – side note: how fun would that be in a nursery?!

According to her Etsy page, Cheryl’s site is a collection of “youthfully-spirited, retro-inspired, hand-drawn, digital or painted illustrations consisting of archival prints, quality handcrafted paper + mixed medium goods.”

Cheryl also has some super-sweet vintage Barbie prints that would really dress up a little girl’s room beautifully.

All work is created and hand-crafted by artist, Cheryl Oz and can be found here on Etsy, as well as in her Big Cartel shop.

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