Double Duty


Kids’ products get such a bad rap, don’t they? Known for pastels, animals and over-the-top childish patterns, I often cringe when I think of the options that were available to mothers a short fifteen, ten, even five years ago. But now, kid design is in full swing with a few retailers creating childrens’ spaces that I’d happily live in myself! Here are a few products that work double duty for the minis in your life (and yes, even their parents!):


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A Quirky Kids Bathroom

I stumbled on this adorable kids bathroom a few days ago and haven’t been able to shake the image since. Those perfectly-hued green faucet fixtures? That neon cloud light? It all begs to be played in, and I can almost hear the happy splashes and giggles during an impromptu evening bath hour.

I didn’t manage to find the designer of that perfect lighting, but I did spot this Nimbus cloud pendant that would make for an outstanding alternative.

Tell me, would you ever go to such great lengths to decorate your child’s bathroom? Or would you settle for a cute bathmat and call it a day?

Image Credit: Interior Design magazine via Shelterness

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An Organized Kid’s Space

organized playroom

Playrooms are notorious for brightly colored clutter and messy floors. Yet with a bit of ingenuity, a lot of space planning and a handy woodworker, you can transform an average toy room into a play house fit for those adorable tiny toes that run your life.

The white paint keeps the look streamlined and clean, while asymmetrical and seemingly sporadic cubes provide both open storage (for those beautiful handmade toys you love to display!) and closed (for the less-than-pretty items). Coupled with ample artwork and multi-colored accents, this room begs for creative kids to run rampant.

What do you think? Too much wall clutter, or just enough storage space? And how sweet is that wooden baby carriage?

Image Credit: Cirkus (originally appeared in Rum for Rum)

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