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My mother-in-law who I love dearly, no really…I do…she's the definition of awesome) had the wherewithal to save most of the play items that my husband and his brother used as kids and hand them down to us.  As I dip my toe into the how-to-be-as-green-a-parent-as-I-can-possibly-be-without-having-a-nervous-breakdown waters, I am finding myself ever so pleased to have not added to the carbon footprint of our lives in order to have a place for my son to sit and play with play-dough (the home-made kind…what can I say, I'm on a green roll), draw with crayons and eat an occasional meal.

Our table and mis-matched chairs comes complete with a worn top and a half-missing cowboy decal.  I can practically imagine the abuse this table received back in the '70s and I am glad to be able to pass it along to my son.

Anyway, I realize not everyone has access to the furniture they used as a kid, so I thought I would do a search on kids craft tables and whoa.

I mean….WHOA!!  Here's just a sample of the results I got back:

The good news is there are SO many gorgeous options that aren't your run-of-the-mill plastic landfill-er-uppers.

Just take this pretty offering from Left Hand Make.  The family owned business focuses on children's furniture that is sustainably made and delivered (flat packed) with designs meant to be displayed out in the open rather than tucked into the play room. 


This beautiful Fundy table is incredibly versatile.  Friends of ours who live in a condo in downtown Boston (read: not a'lotta space) use theirs as a coffee table.  Their 2.5 year old son and his playmates all love the little compartments for supplies, the super-cool chalkboard top and the height that is just perfect for drawing, playing with trains or serving up hors d'oeuvres to the big kids.


Of course, I wasn't done toodling around the internet…I had to check out Etsy…my go-to for handmade, beautiful items.  And I was not disappointed.  This modern set from inaiinaiba  is made from birch plywood and uses low VOC varnish. 


For the more traditional look, this Mission Style set from ShowOffDesigns is made from Red Oak. 


There are plenty of wonderful options outside of Etsy…just check out these two from P'kolino…the Tree Table and Chairs and Klick options are particularly bemusing and practical at the same time.



Rounding out the options is this clever table and cushions by Zid Zid Kids.  Sadly, they seem to be out of stock…but when they ARE available they are a great way to have a comfortable spot for kids to craft while remaining just as heirloom-fabulous as all the other options featured here.


Do you have a favorite kids table you plan to use forever?

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