Junior’s Dwelling

Spaces designed for children on the pages of our favorite magazines, tend to focus on the infant and toddler. Understandably an exciting time in the life of a young family, nursery spaces are full of promise and focus. Quickly it seems, themed elements are soon outgrown, and spaces for the adolescent are often, shall I say, a bit uninspired. Benicarlo Mobile has developed concept spaces for just this demographic of the population. Fun. Flexible. Sophisticated. Yet, decidedly not stuffy or boring. The first thing I noticed once I got past the eye catching color was the accommodation of multiple residents. Whether it be a sibling or guest, each of these spaces can handle it, beautifully. Flexible and modular, the furniture can be rearranged to meet the needs of just about any function. Beds double as sofas, and are perched on wheels, to allow mobility and reconfiguration. Uniformity in the design of the shelving and furniture pieces provides the ability to reconfigure these elements in numerous ways as well. The colors are wonderful. There is no shortage of opinion. Just the way it should be.

Images sourced at Benicarlo Mobile



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Map my Way

I’m such a huge fan of the recent trend of map usage in children’s room design.  It lends such a fun, exploratory feel to any space and there is nothing as graphically recognizable as the globe.

I really fell in love with this beautiful application found over at Pink Friday.  The different patterned fabrics applied to the wall are spirited and festive.

And if you were looking for something on a smaller scale, it is hard to resist this amazing collage of the USofA that See Kate Sew did recently.  Click the link for a fantastic tutorial on how to make your own.

Friends of mine saw this amazing US map made of state license plates over at Uncommon Goods…but the price is a bit too hefty…

…so they’re planning on DIYing one like this one found over at C.R.A.F.T.

Of course, I can hardly resist this amazing chalkboard map that Blue Cricket Design made for her son based on one she saw at Pottery Barn…it combines my two favorite kids room trends…chalkboard paint and maps!!

Or if you aren’t into DIYing, there is this great option from shopdirtsa on Etsy:

Visual Vacation came up with this great application for a world map on her walls.  I love the gallery effect!

And who can resist the ubiquitous Ork City Posters, picture below via Kio Kreations.  The typography and the graphic details for each neighborhood are so thoughtful and bold.


Do you have any maps displayed in your home?  How have you decided to display them?

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Lofty adventures

As we contemplate growing our family and someday having kids share a room in our home, I have found myself gravitating towards bunk and loft beds.  I think they really lend a special quality to a kids room because kids love small, cozy, intimate spaces (ever seen any kid pass up playing with a huge cardboard box?).  And I'll admit, I think they're pretty cool as well.

Of course, the closest I ever got to having a cool bunk bed was the loft my grandfather made for me to use in college.  It was essentially a bed with legs with a small ledge you could hoist yourself up to the top with.  It was functional and sturdy…but it was NEVER as cool as these awesome loft and bunk bed styles.

The kid inside of me totally did back flips when I saw this awesome set up.  But the practical adult in me realizes that 1) our ceilings aren't high enough for this concept and 2) our kids would outgrow this well before we'd gotten all of our investment out of it.  Still…I think the concept is pretty fresh and innovative.


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