Bright Idea: An Organized Display for Kids

Teaching children the value of an organized space can be a giant task indeed. After all, what fun is it to hang your clothes when you’ll just be wearing them again the next day? (I confess as a grown-up, I often think the same of making my bed!)

Naturally, this idea made me smile. If you’re handy with free-hand illustration, you could easily recreate a display wall that encourages your children the old adage “A place for everything and everything in its place!” – while still maintaining an artfully decorated room. I love the look, but the function is even smarter!

And no worries – if you simply can’t be trusted with a paintbrush and a steady hand, this custom vinyl decal company can create dozens of clothing silhouettes to stick on the wall directly. Genius!

Happy organizing, friends!

Image credit: 101 Woonideeen

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