Christian DuCharme

Lafayette Espresso Bar + Market, is a place of great character. Take these fabulous light fixtures, hand made by artist Christian DuCharme. Christian designed these textural luminaries out of 300 “It’s Our Pleasure to Serve You’ coffee cups, above. This eco-designed lighting collection doesn’t stop at repurposed cups-there is also a plastic spoon edition as well as a lamp made entirely of coffee filters. Creative, innovative and Green, these objects are a focal point in the space and certainly a conversation piece. Each object is unique, and one of a kind.

Christian DuCharme is a designer from Zurich. He now works in Interior Design, and creates accessory pieces like these fabulous lamps. I can’t wait to see what’s next. I love the coffee themed product use for this installment. I wonder what Christian would design for a flower shop, or a corner grocery store? ┬áThe possibilities are endless.


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