DIY Idea: Industrial Clock Revamp

File this under “I Cannot Believe I Didn’t Think Of This,” then promptly get to work creating a seriously genius project…

Spotted at Brigg, I’m simply amazed at how a skinny belt (from H&M, no less!) can elevate even the most basic of Ikea clocks. By drilling (or hot glue-gunning, I’m hoping?) a leather belt to the frame of a less-than-gorgeous clock, you can achieve a unique timepiece dripping with style.

So easy, right? My jaw has officially dropped!

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Time and Space

Sometimes I play little design games to entertain myself, and today's game of 'Time and Space' is no different. Although I like to pretend that time doesn't exist, it very much does. So naturally, in my head, every room needs a continual reminder of that existence, through a (preferably well-designed) clock. Yet so many of my favorite interiors are missing clocks… until now.

In 'Time and Space', I'll match my favorite clocks with their perfect spacious counterparts. Ready to play along?:

[Clock: Contemporary Heaven, Room: Per Gunnarsson]

In a stark modern space, an artful and graphic clock is the perfect accent for bright white walls.

[Clock: GNR8, Room: LonnyMag]

The juxtaposition of bold reds and pretty pinks is enough to make any glamour girl swoon. And the simplicity of this sweet clock will balance busy stacks of books perfectly!

[Clock: A+R, Room: EmmasDesignBlogg]

Any kid needs a reliable alarm clock that's as bright as it is fun. Bonus? He won't lose it in his dirty laundry.

[Clock: HORNE, Room: Nice*Room]

For a space that's equal parts industrial and midcentury-modern, an old schoolhouse clock fits the bill. And that empty wall above the desk is just screaming for some timely love!

All in good time, I suppose.

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