Stellvertreter Coat Rack


German designer Stephan Schulz creates some dynamic and spirited solutions to some of our everyday functional needs. The ‘Stellvertreter’ (German to English translation: Deputy) puts its best foot forward with a playful and modern interpretation of the ubiquitous boot brush and coat tree.  Depending on the available space, there are two sizes to appropriately adorn your foyer. The foundation of the largest entry way conversation piece boasts a big man’s footprint alongside a child’s, with a thick, bristly shoe brush. The second option is small and simple with a single pair of shoes imprinted. This object wardrobe will always give you a warm welcome. Much of Stephan’s work uses concrete as a medium. There is something about the formative ability of concrete for expression, paired with the cool crisp materiality and color palette that I find irresistible. I can imagine many custom expressions that would be great fun to explore. How about soles?  The graphic quality of Stephan’s choices are expressive and spot-on.

Manufacturer: nils holger moormann gmbh




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