Are you mismatched in the bedroom?

My husband and I are…uh…a bit mismatched in the bedroom ::insert blush here::

I mean…just LOOK at our bedside tables and lamps…completely mismatched. (what…you thought I meant something else?)

When we redesigned our bedroom — side note: remind me to share THAT story with you someday — we had a lot of pieces that had to stay.  For the purposes of this exercise, we’ll just focus on those mismatched bedside tables.  They were pretty new and not going anywhere according to my husband, so we had to work with what we had to work with.  The thing is…I kind-of like that they don’t match.  In fact, if I had my druthers, I would get a completely different piece for one side of the bed to really hit home the mismatched idea.

But, I’ll be the first to admit, even though I actually prefer the mismatched look – I think it lends itself to a more lived in, less catalog style – I rarely see it in practice.  So that’s why I’m so excited to share these really beautiful pictures with you of other people who are mismatched in the bedroom.

I especially like the pairing of the floor lamp and the table lamp in this cozy retreat found over at Skona Hem.

With a simple color palette, these mismatched bedside tables make an organic statement.  Found over at Manolo for the Home.

These tables are perfectly mismatched…and a great example of using the same bedside lamps even when the tables don’t match.  Also found over at Manolo for the Home.

This one’s a bit more subtle…the bedside tables and the lamps are just enough different from each other to mimic balance, but retain appropriate proportions for the space. (Found at Cococozy)

And this beautiful room on Apartment Therapy is so colorful and dynamic that each side of the bed practically begs to have its own identity.

Of course, you don’t have to reserve your mismatchedness for just the bedroom…you can be mismatched in the bathroom…

(found here on Pinterest…but not credited further)


…in the dining room…



…and even down to the littlest detail.


So…have YOU ever been mismatched in the bedroom?

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