Why Don’t You…?

tea collection

… start a collection?

I clearly have collections on the brain, as I just wrote about displaying them a few weeks ago. But what if you don’t yet have a collection? Might I suggest one of my favorites?


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Tea time…

It all started with this Eva Ziesel teakettle a few years back. I have often thought about collecting teapots and teakettles. Don't ask me why, it's just one of those strange and funny notions. I have yet gone and purchased a second one to start my collection though. Mostly because I honestly don't have the room for them, but also what exactly am I going to do with them all??? I was just at an antique store the other day, and of course fell in love with two vintage enamelware teapots – a bright orange one with the most delicate white floral pattern on it, and the other, a cobalt blue that is so vibrant and intense that you can see it from a mile away. Part of me wanted to spend the $30 on them, but the other part of me kept saying, no, really, you've got enough "other" collections to keep you busy for a long while. But then again, the thought of opening up a cupboard and seeing an attractive array of teapots and teakettles in all shapes and sizes, colors and finishes, kinda makes me want to pursue this idea again. Perhaps one of these days I will dedicate an entire kitchen wall to them and nothing else. But for now, I have these beauties to daydream about…

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