Big Bold Unabashed Color


Big Bold Color. It demands space to empower a room. These stunning examples of large splashes of pigment speak to simple gestures, not letting the space get too busy but rather placing sculptural, singular elements of focus in the room. So dramatic, and full of energy. Notice how the floors are used in this color scheme?  All planes (walls, ceiling and floor) play off each other to become part of the composition. These spaces work so well because the saturation of hues are balanced.




“Designed by Gisbert Pöppler, The Hansaviertel Project is a full renovation of a private apartment owned by a prominent writer for the popular German television show “Verliebt in Berlin”. The property is tucked in the corner of a large modern apartment building, designed by Walter Gropius for the 1957 Interntational Building Exhibition, “Interbau”. As if intentionally planned to coincide with this important milestone, the renovation was completed just in time to celebrate the 90th year anniversary of this now classic modernist BAUHAUS experiment in urban living.” architectonic

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DIY Wall Art


I am a huge fan of displaying everyday objects in our living spaces. This creative, colorful and stunning presentation of colored pencils is Art. Organized in gradation of hue, the color blocking paired with the linear and repetitive nature of the material creates a unique and useful focal point for the room. Easy to make and install, and one less thing to store in the closet. An all around great idea.

Image sourced at Designspiration.

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DIY Spring Inspiration

The promise of spring and the color of the season is beginning to poke through the remaining blanket of snow. The vibrant tulip fields are a welcome image and inspiration, reminding me to bring color and texture indoors as well. This interior artwork is a great example of positioning a colorful display as the primary focus in a room. Demanding attention, and filing the space with energy, I love the the way this room reads. The furniture remains neutral, allowing the walls to change, creating a dramatic impact on the design. This composition could be easily created with painted cardboard boxes, mounted on a series of panels. Easy to install and remove on a whim with the change of seasons.


Image 1Image 2

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Color Block

A startling display of color. This Spanish building demands the attention of the passerby as it jumps out from its neutral surroundings. Although the use of Color Blocking is visible in modern day architecture,  the use of bold blocks of color is not new. Take the groundbreaking example of the work of Charles and Ray Eames below. The Eames House, also known as Case Study House No. 8, is a landmark of mid-20th century modern architecture. It was constructed in 1949 by husband-and-wife design pioneers Charles and Ray Eames to serve as their home and studio.

Similarly, these two examples express their modularity and create a dynamic visual punch. Of late, it’s a colorful modern expression being seen all the world around.


Images 1 and 2, sourced at Trendland
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