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Beauty is all around us, and often inspiration can be found in the most unlikely of places. When taking photographs, we see a perspective of the world in a much mored focused and detailed way. I often feel like I wish I could capture that essence and bring it indoors into my personal space. Design Seeds is an online inspiration journal, which color matches imagery and identifies hues within an environment, so you can bring that color into your home. The serenity of the blues of the sea, the vibrant plumes of a rooster or the comfort of an evening around the campfire. What a great idea.


seeds3_520Image and color palettes sourced at Design Seeds.


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How do I create a color scheme for my space?

Color can be intimidating. It creates mood, and often defines the character of a space. When developing a color scheme and incorporating color from many sources in a space, sometimes it is hard to visualize. For example, you may have a red chair, brown sofa, and gold tones in your drapery. What paint and FLOR tile colors will look best in my room? One great resource is the Color Wheel.  The digital version of this time tested resource is quite sophisticated, and makes the tangible connection to RGB printing colors, which can be taken to your local paint store and mixed to the formula you request. It takes away much of the guesswork of color selection, and provides the opportunity to play around with different color effects, such as a monochromatic or tonal scheme of say, all grey tones, or a study of contrasting or complementary color, to create a dramatic space.  I spent some time on this Color Wheel site, and was able to come up with some beautiful palettes, providing very different solutions for the very same room.

It is helpful when diving into a color study, to understand the principals and vocabulary commonly used. It makes it easier to make color choices, and apply them to your color wheel exercise. Here are a few to get you started.

1. Hue – the color (such as red)
2. Value – the lightness or darkness of the color
3. Chroma – the dullness or purity of a color. From the pure hue, each step adding  a bit of grey. Most artists in the U.S.A. refer to this characteristic as “saturation”. Sometimes, the terms saturation and chroma are used interchangeably. When scientists analyze the color of light, saturation and chroma are not the same.

Have fun exploring color options and effects!

Digital Color Wheel sourced at

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Color Story: Pink, Lemonade + Beige

It’s not often that I gravitate toward pink in the world of design, but for some reason (could it be that spring is coming, perhaps?!), pink is all I’ve been eye-ing today. Particularly, this perfect color combination:

[Image Credits: Home Life & BCBG]

Perfectly feminine with a touch of bold neon and a classic beige neutral, the look is balanced, pure and light. And because dusty pink acts as a backseat neutral when paired with a nude hue, there’s plenty of room for that bright, bright yellow to shine.

What do you think? Would you incorporate the above color palette in your own home? And how are you feeling about all of the neon we’re seeing these days?

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FLOR’s 2012 Color Palette

As a creative professional, you know the labor of love involved in the design process. You know that inspiration can strike from just about anywhere at any time and that the creative genius occurs when you translate that stimuli into something new and beautiful and all your own.

We believe in that same creative process here at FLOR and wanted to share the output with you, our comrades in design. With that, we give you FLOR’s 2012 Designer Palettes for spring. In it we’ve identified three distinct color palettes and how new styles from our spring collection can help you bring each to life in your projects. Use it as a tool in client meetings or as a helpful FLOR guide and resource.

Get inspired and revel with us in the creative process.


For a pdf version of FLOR’s Color Palette click here Design Palettes spring 2012.


To see these styles and our entire Spring 2012 Collection in person, visit a FLOR stores or see them at

Note: Dramatic, Elemental and Muted color palettes were inspired by our friends at WGSN.

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Cool Tools: Tile Patterns

I have installed FLOR tiles in solid color schemes and simple alternating patterns. I have cut them to accommodate miniscule, strangely shaped rooms and to fit around doorways. (Cutting isn’t hard; you just need a metal straight edge, a carpet knife, and a steady hand.) But I have never been so adventurous as to create one of these patterns. It had just never occurred to me to play more with the shape and color patterns, but now I’m looking forward to trying it someday. In the meantime, I thought I’d share some resources for people who are feeling adventurous! Although these sites are for traditional tiles, many of the patterns could be adapted for FLOR.

  • Emser – Three dozen tile patterns. Some of them, such as Interlocked, would probably be too much of a headache to cut, but simpler patterns like Basketweave and Pinwheel could look really nice.
  • Marble Designer – This interactive site lets you play with color in addition to pattern. The color choices aren’t comprehensive but can give you an idea. There are also some good ideas for runners if covering an entire room is too daunting.
  • Tile House – There are a lot of complicated tile patterns here, but check out some of the diamond and border ideas, in particular.

As for infusing color into these patterns, take a look at these online color palette generators.

Have you ever created a custom FLOR pattern, or are you inspired to do one now? I’d love it if you’d share! You can email comments and pictures here.

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