Color Interplay

Introducing color into a space can be powerful. Color creates definition and enlivens an environment, whether found in a lovely pillow, a piece of furniture, or integrated as an architectural element. Stevens Lawson Architects designed The Hot Water Beach House and created this beautiful stained glass window effect by introducing colored glass, within the window wall system. It is a beautiful example of the impact that light and color can create. The interesting thing about this installation is the movement within the space. While walking down this corridor in the morning, one would enjoy a dazzling display of color. While passing by later in the day, the space would appear very different, as the movement of sunlight would create a whole new artful display in the space. What a wonderful gift. An evolving exhibit of color.

Images sourced at Stevens Lawson Architects

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Why Don’t You…?

… color code your cabinetry?

The latest issue of Real Living Mag brought out a show-stopping array of colorful homes, but the one that caught my eye the fastest? This vibrant kitchen full of rainbow-inspired cabinetry in a fun (and functional!) industrial finish.

How fun would these be in your own kitchen? I’d love to see the look in an office setting, as well – can you imagine how lovely it would be to have your office supplies color coordinated and organized in such a fun way?

Tell me, friends – where would you use this idea in your own home?

Photo Credit: Jean-Marc Wullschleger/Living Agency from Real Living; via Poppytalk

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Eye Popping Branding

Waldo Trommler Paints. Recognizable and striking thanks to the great branding and design work of Reynolds and Reyner. “No doubt, WTP is the most friendly and remarkable brand of paints on the shelf now. WTP has no corporate colors – it has a corporate identity, common for each design element – from business cards to packaging. Every item is a bright and memorable combination of colors and objects that all together form as a whole the entire brand. ”

Reynolds and Reyner truly believes in the power of design. “It’s not about making modern and high quality design, it’s an approach to process, which will serve as the basis of communication between brand and consumers.” Communication strikes us not only through what is read and heard, but also visually. This powerful design strategy speaks of identity, quality and the brand position, which are all understood with a glance at just one can of fabulous, eye catching paint.

Images and excerpts sourced at reynoldsandreyner.comProduct sourced at

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Poppy Pop

An internet friend of mine posted about her recent visit to Descanso Gardens just outside of Los Angeles and I was immediately struck by a picture she shared of this gorgeous poppy.

The image of this bright, candy colored flower immediately lifted my gray-in-May spirits and inspired me to seek out ways to incorporate this amazing hue in my home.  Just check out these cheery choices:

Clockwise from top left: Layered, three-tiered, outdoor side table from West Elm; Alpaca Wool, ‘Zig Zag Stripe’ throw from Jonathan Adler; Arne Tidemand Ruud Teak, Leather and Wool easy chair from Utopia Retro Modern; Reverb: random stripe design FLOR tiles in persimmon and magenta; colorful chalkboard dresser featured at; decorative, textured pillow from the Color Looks collection at Target; Rex Ray artwork available from Jonathan Adler; Marimekko Tray from Illustrated Living; and Gothic Rose Mini-Notebook from Jonathan Adler.

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Bold and Beautiful in the Bath

A monochromatic punch of color in the loo. Don’t bother, a wake up call won’t be necessary. These rooms are spot on in their modern simplicity. The round mirrors offer a soft form in an otherwise indiscriminate sea of pigment, and the uniform, unyielding and repetitive scale of the tile, both floor and wall, is the perfect backdrop to clean and refresh both literally and figuratively. I love these spaces. Bold and uncluttered, a welcome moment of respite.


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