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Modern interiors offer the opportunity to express form and color in dynamic and unexpected ways. This New York City home does just that. The way we design our living spaces, impacts our behavior. Take this engaging layout above. Wouldn’t you just love to load up this space with friends? The form demands our focus not only in the room, but on those gathered. Building a sense of community, there’s no way to be a wallflower at this party!

This beautiful home is filled with design classics ranging from Mies van der Rohe, to Cherner. Yet, this space is anything but expected. Combinations of old and new as well as a neutral backdrop of exquisite detail and restraint, make it fresh and oh-so inviting. Did you notice the elegant and perfectly proportioned custom stair railing?  It defines the space and provides structure to the room, emphasizing the connection between floors, and functions.

Images sourced at designer’s website.


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Functional Art

Why decorate?  This creative solution to artful storage for wine, is a show stopper. It is simple, organized, and graphic. If you look carefully, you’ll notice the attention to detail given to the vertical alignment of the foil tops of the bottles, and color groupings of red, gold, black and silver. Pulling a punch of color for the banquette seating from the group of red foil tops of the wine bottles, creates a simple yet strong and cohesive presentation. The success of this space is founded in few, repeated elements, and one bold punch of color. This is an easy design strategy to use at home, and the artful wall display could incorporate any necessary tools or personal collection that is an expression of you. Have fun with it. I’d love to see your images! Now, I think this room would really scream with a third element to reinforce the color scheme. With the few, repeated elements, and one punch of color, take a look how different this room will become with the the range of FLOR rugs below. A room, easily transformed with each new introduction of fun on the floor. Easy to change with your mood or design inspiration.



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FLOR rugs:  Ins and Outs, Modern Mix, Sitting Pretty, Line by LIne, Line, please, Take a Ribbing. Images sourced at


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Daring Duo: Black & Gold

Sam Sparro had it right; there’s just something about black and gold. So luxurious, daring and dark, black paint and gold furnishings can certainly transform even the most ordinary of spaces. Not convinced? Take a peek at some of these above-average, standout rooms:

Image via Freshome

Image via Design*Sponge

Image via DecorPad

Image via The Lux Home

Image via Interior Designz

What do you think, friends? Could you live with something so decadent on a daily basis? Or is the black and gold color combo just too much for you to handle? Weigh in below in the comment section!

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Color Story: Pink, Lemonade + Beige

It’s not often that I gravitate toward pink in the world of design, but for some reason (could it be that spring is coming, perhaps?!), pink is all I’ve been eye-ing today. Particularly, this perfect color combination:

[Image Credits: Home Life & BCBG]

Perfectly feminine with a touch of bold neon and a classic beige neutral, the look is balanced, pure and light. And because dusty pink acts as a backseat neutral when paired with a nude hue, there’s plenty of room for that bright, bright yellow to shine.

What do you think? Would you incorporate the above color palette in your own home? And how are you feeling about all of the neon we’re seeing these days?

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A Quietly Colorful Home

Some of my favorite spaces incorporate one general color scheme: neutral with a few pops of color. And rarely have I seen the look executed so flawlessly as when I stumbled upon this beautiful family-friendly home at HousetoHome. Care for a peek?:

By far, my favorite space in the home is this bright and cheery kitchen, which is perfectly balanced with white subway tile, industrial elements and vibrant pops of candy-colored hues. It screams style, but also feels lived-in, comfortable and loved. The perfect combination!

In the bedroom, a serene, neutral space is elevated with a quirky photograph and muted neon pillowcases. Proof that even minimalism can showcase a maximum amount of style!

And although I’m always a sucker for subway tile, I love how daring this bathroom looks when paired with bright pops of orange and fuzzy textures. It’s fun and kid-friendly, but will be easy-to-update for years to come should the kids ever tire of the fuzzy navel phase.

So lovely, yes? What do you think of the small doses of color? Too much? Too little? Spill it below!

[Image Credits: Jake Curtis, Living Etc.]

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