A Change of Plans

A couple months ago we were at a photo shoot for the recently-launched Spring catalog.   Our designers had the rugs for the photo shoot laid out and a precise set of plans ready to execute. But after arriving and heading upstairs, they stumbled upon this amazing couch, and it completely changed their course.

They were so inspired by the couch they decided to create a plaid rug instead of the neutral one that was planned. They took the compelling geometric pattern from the couch and used it as inspiration to create this beautiful rug below.  And as simple as that,  this “Plaid was born, a combination of Toy Poodle tiles (Black, Java and Persimmon) that is both inviting and a real design statement.

In our designer’s case, it was a plaid sofa, but accessories of all kinds can inspire a rug. Here we originally had a more neutral rug but when the styling was complete, it seemed only right to pull some color from the pillow and place it in the rug. This enhanced not only the rug but the whole room. FLOR’s sophisticated color palette can match or complement just about any of your existing décor.

So go ahead, look around the room, find that subtle tone or color in your favorite chair, now create a rug that will fit “just-so” lying next to it. Then share your story with us here – pictures@flor.com.

Design Assistance

If you would like help creating this rug,  call 866-952-4093 for complimentary design assistance. We have design consultants on call who can help you customize your own version of  Plaid. Or see it in person and work with a  Store design consultant at one of our Store locations.

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Falling Away

It happens so quickly.  Usually at dusk.  You realize the air has a particular light chill to it in the waning sunlight of a long afternoon.  And just like that, summer is ending.  Oh, it doesn’t mean there won’t still be a random selection of days thick with heat…but the evenings – the evenings now belong  to fireflies, couples holding hands, little kids in oversized sweatshirts licking ice cream cones and beach stained teenagers trying to make the summer last.

(via Design Seeds)

I have never made it a secret that summer is my most favorite of all of the seasons.  But to be specific, I have favorite parts of summer…my most favorite being the beginning of summer…followed very closely by the end of summer.  Something about the joy of having enjoyed and hopefully relaxed oneself thoroughly throughout the summer combined with promise of bustling schedules and reacquainting with school friends and the excitement of the upcoming whirlwind that takes us all the way into the holidays.  It’s a magical time.

So its time to pack up the blues and greens and whites and dole out the creams and raspberries and goldens.

(via A Punch of Color)

Which will lead us into the time for chunky sweaters crafted into all sorts of beautiful objects to make our homes more cozy.

(via Stephanie Lynn)

(via Martha Stewart)

Which will eventually direct us to the time for leaves and pumpkins and mums.

(via A Punch of Color)

Finishing us up with the time for warm throws and hot fires.

(via Strictly Simple Style)

Did you have a good summer?

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All Greek to Me

I saw this beautiful picture (originally from the Santorini Island website) while perusing Pinterest the other day and it practically jumped off the screen and into my lap.  The blues, the whites, the textures, the water. the crisp colors against the rough cliff line…all of it felt refreshing and dreamy.  So of course, I had to go search for some other Greek inspiration that was sure to be out there.  Come along with me on a little Greek inspiration adventure…

Our first stop isn’t that far…yup, our very own FLOR has this gorgeous Lattice pattern tile option reminiscent of the Greek Key pattern so prevalent in current design.

Next stop, this gorgeous interior found in one of the suites at the Perivolas Luxury Hotel in Santorini, Greece.  This is a perfect example of Greek design…white textured walls, domed ceilings, wood or teak natural elements and a deep-hued accent color.  Stunning!


Coming in a bit closer to home are these beautiful Water Hyacinth Floor Cushions available at Toast.

On my Greek inspiration journey, I also happened upon this amazing Greek Key trim and Flower Corner block in Melissa, from Design Track Mind‘s home.

I also spotted these beautiful linens at Toast - paired with the minimalist floor, side table, bed and wall the pop of midnight blue is decidedly Greek.

Jules at The Diversion Project spotted this gorgeous door and posted it on her blog (original source not noted).

And for the really accessible, West Elm has this gorgeous bed spread available in just the right deep blue to add a bit of Greek inspiration to any room.

Of course, if you’re looking for something a bit less subtle, you could always go full on Greek inspiration like in this gorgeous space.  The deep blues and crisp whites along with the Greek Key pattern on the bed, the gilded grape leaf mirror and the drapes along the poster bed frame are all so perfectly chosen for this space.  (Found at Interiorly, original source not noted)

Have you been inspired by Greek design lately?


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Rose-Colored Glasses…

… and I don't mean of the eyewear variety. I've been spotting colored glass popping up all over the place, whether in vase, lighting or dinnerware form. An instant way to provide a colorful focal point to your tablescape, I'm loving the idea of collecting your favorite shades and scattering them about your home.

Let's use photos as inspiration to walk us through the concept, shall we?:

Above: Stick to a monochromatic color scheme to keep the look from appearing too cluttered. Image via DesignShrine.


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Color Crush: Mint Green

[Image Credits here]

Every now and then, I'll become completely obsessed with a singular color. It's odd, because most of what inspires me is the combination of two or three unexpected colors, creating a palette that just… sings. But today? Today I'm loving mint green and mint green only.

Inspired by my most recent manicure and this photo (as well as this fantastic minty deal on Etsy.com!), I've rounded up my favorite mint-lovin' steals for the home above (and yes, one for the digits!). Do you spy the Smeg refrigerator? The quirky Harry Allen piggy bank? And how about that adorable pagoda umbrella?

What do you think, friends? Would you go monochromatic in your own home? Is one color crush enough for you, or do you crave a combination of palettes, textures and fibers? And what do you think about mint green for the fall?

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