FLOR Insiders – Kelsey’s creation

Everyone who works at FLOR is a little nutty about carpet tile.  While there are many different degrees of creativity among us, it’ safe to say that we are all pretty passionate about design and love experimenting with product we create.  So, we thought it would be fun to highlight a FLOR employee by sharing some of their inspiring designs.

Name: Kelsey

Position at FLOR: Creative Assistant

Hobbies : Artist

Favorite FLOR: House Pet

Describe your interior design style: I would say that it is a mix of styles.  I love industrial spaces that incorporate early 20th century arts and crafts furniture.

Here is Kelsey’s design story…

“Being an artist I always want to push the limits of what I can do with materials and FLOR was the perfect opportunity to try something fun. It’s kind of random … but the pattern is inspired from a tile design that used to be in the home where I grew up. The tile pattern is absolutely gorgeous – very simple and symmetrical.  Ideally, I would love to do this pattern in a charcoal/cream combination but the yellow was an exciting twist and looked amazing against the cement floors.  It also offered a more funky feel combined with the red metal chairs.”

“I thought that using Rake Me Over and Toy Poodle would help create that basketweave effect that I was going for. Although the color is the same,  the different textures of the tiles give the rug some dimension.”

“Obviously, there were a ton of cuts but they were super easy because it was 1/2 tiles; so, I only needed to do 1 cut per tile.  It took me about 2 hours to put the whole thing together. I am really excited about the way it turned out.”

We are too! What do you guys think? Isn’t her design incredible? Do you have any designs that you would like to share with us? If so, email us a picture at pictures@flor.com and you could possibly be featured in one of our FLOR stories (not to mention, receive 10% off your next purchase).  Happy designing!



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FLOR Story: The Office

Not your ordinary office space … 

We were left speechless when we received these photos of a recent FLOR installation at a popular television network office in New York City.  Our designers worked closely with the team there to create nothing short of a stunning spectrum of color. 

 The installation showcases the breadth of color in the FLOR product line – combined with different textures – to create different color zones throughout the space.  We love how certain colors at doorways trickle into individual offices to play out that hue in all its glory.

 We think this demonstrates beautifully just how well FLOR squares can define a space within a space and add personality to a place that most of us spend the majority of our day. 

 It certainly makes for an inspiring environment that I think anyone would love to work in.  Inspirational indeed.  


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A Crafty Map Arrangement

Image via Emmas DesignBlogg

I search for creative art displays as often as I fill my coffee cup (which is very, very often, folks). And after spotting the above crafty map installation, could the search be over?

Never. But it certainly is quite a find. I love the organized chaos of the frames; the strategic placement and imaginative white space. Bonus? The gallery wall seems to frame the modern, white couch perfectly.

To get the look, I'd take any map to your local printer, blow up the image and start mounting the images in a reverse jigsaw-puzzle format.

Cheap, chic and creative. Happy crafting!

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