Bright Idea: Cross Stitch Your Chair

Every now and then, I’ll come across a genius idea that I can’t believe I haven’t thought of. I mean, how often have we all seen the average cane chair in garage sales, antique markets and even alongside the road – all begging to be transformed into something miraculous?


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Bright Idea: Painted Cross-Stitch Wall

A sweet Victorian bedroom gained an instant facelift with this smart idea from Eline Pellinkhof (as spotted on Bloesem). Why simply hang a cross-stitch on a wall when you could paint an enlarged embroidery-inspired mural in lieu of a headboard?

I love how the modernized idea keeps a dated cross-stitch design from looking tired and overdone. After all, embroidery has been around for years, but never have I seen it displayed in quite the same manner! So smart, yes?

Images via Bloesem.


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