Why Don’t You…?


… write on your cabinetry?

Black and white graphic elements are all the rage, but I love this personalized touch from Swedish designer and calligrapher Ylva Skarp. To be fair, calligraphers certainly have the upper hand (pun intended!) in the type department, but why not give it a go with a few stencils to help guide you?


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Brad Pitt and Frank Pollaro

Last month marked the official launch of the long awaited furniture collection designed by Brad Pitt and built by Pollaro. A wide range of work was introduced, signed and issued in limited edition quantities. Frank Pollaro looked at a sketch book of Mr. Pitts containing design sketches he had worked on over a 10 year period. Impressed, he invited Mr. Pitt to collaborate on an exclusive product line. Pitt’s design paired with Pollaro’s craftsmanship. Beautiful.

“Over a four-year development period, driven by their common vision of unequalled quality, Brad and Frank created the Pitt-Pollaro collection. Designed by Pitt, built by Pollaro. Every piece in the Pitt-Pollaro collection is hand crafted. All are limited editions and are numbered and signed by both Pitt & Pollaro.”

Images sourced at Pitt & Pollaro via Wallpaper.

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Manoteca Italian Handmade

Can objects have memory? I believe they can. A sort of spirit, or essence of where they come from, what they have seen along the way. This beautiful introduction of custom made, one of a kind furniture by Manoteca are really functional works of art. Created from vintage objects, repurposed for a new function and renewed life. This ‘Indoor Table’ is made from vintage exterior doors. When closed the surface is smooth, weathered and exudes warmth and comfort. When open, a convenient and handy set of storage pockets appear to keep your thoughts neatly organized. The coolest thing is that the story to be told lives on with each use, scratch and mar. Beauty marks, adding to the object memory.

“I really like the idea that in every object is held somebody’s life. I hope that who is going to possess an object will think about that and take good care of it. Manoteca is a little house in a park, a lab where old and abandoned things are hosted among with recycled materials, reinvented and reassembled. They all are one-offs, handmade and treated with natural paints.” Manoteca Italian Handmade

Images and excerpts sourced at archdezart.com.

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