Sky Condos

I don’t often post conceptual work, but I find this design so intriguing and thoughtful, challenging the expected. Planned for a site in Lima, Peru, each apartment in the 20 floor structure boasts an outdoor terrace and  incredible cantilevered swimming pool. Yes, you read that right. Twenty stories up in the clouds imagine yourself swimming, hanging over the city below. The design offers not only these unique amenities and quality of life features, but also creates a sculptural and dynamic visual icon in the skyline. I vote for breaking ground.

“We believe that an apartment shouldn’t lack exterior spaces; this is why our main space in each apartment is the exterior public area which contains the pool and a series of terraces that bring dynamism to the whole tower. These terraces fill the apartment with natural light and create a game of lights and shadows. The facade is mainly transparent allowing the integration of the building to the exterior; generating crossed ventilation and natural lighting in all the spaces without sacrificing the privacy inside the apartments. The floor plan is open looking for a transparency…and generating the sensation that the apartments are suspended.”

Images and excerpts sourced at the architects website:  DCPParquitectos

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