Why Don’t You…?

… display your craft supplies, loud and proud?

And no, we're not suggesting you take our advice as a license to keep your office endlessly disorganized. Yet a fun, color-filled display idea (and dare we say it… art installation!) could mean a simple trip to your sewing room.

Don't believe us? Check out Douglas Copeland's colorful display of spooled yarn above. With nothing more than your average peg board and a seriously inspired thread stash, you could sport your very own functional art wall.

Go on; we dare you.

Image Credit: The New York Times

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Creative Home Ideas From Storefront Displays

If you're anything like me, you're easily inspired just walking down the street. Yet one of my favorite ways (by far!) to glean inspiration is from storefront windows and displays at my favorite shopping haunts. They've certainly come a long way from displaying mannequins in awkward positions, yes?

My favorite storefront to peruse? Anthropologie. Whether it be paper planes or fake snow, they've always got something fabulous on board, and in fact, I've stolen quite a few home decor tips from their recent displays! Here are three ideas I can't wait to try in my own home (all sourced from Ruthi Auda!):

1. Impromptu Art. Place anything under a bell jar, and suddenly, it blooms into a marvelous installation of display goodness. Don't believe me? Have you ever seen a light bulb look more artsy? Actually, we'll answer that in #3.

2. Nailed It. Want a quirky house number display that you can guarantee no one else on the block will be donning? Simply nail in your house numbers, courtesy of this #40 above. Can't wait to try this one at home!

3. Solidarity Shines. Sure, one lone light bulb can technically light up a room, but not quite like hundreds bundled together. I'm a firm believer that sometimes, more is more. And in this case? More is stunning.

Thanks for the inspiration, Anthropologie!

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