Not Wallpaper


This is decidedly NOT wallpaper. The way I see it, it’s large scale, room making, art for your walls. A collection of graphically engaging images by a diverse group of artists in varied styles, are available by yourwallpaper. Customizable in size and color and even image. ‘The xerographical printing technique enables manufacture in such small quantities as one single copy. Every wallpaper is unique as it is precisely adapted to the wall for which it is intended.’ Homeowners and designers alike can collaborate to create artwork, with a specific artist, or search within the collection to ‘find motifs or patterns for your wallpaper and adapt them according to requirements and environment .’ Brilliant.


The xerographical printing technique enables us to manufacture in such small quantities as one single copy. Every wallpaper is unique as it is precisely adapted to the wall for which it is intended.

Images of art by self taught artist Moley Talhaoui. Images and excerpts sourced at  www.yourwallpaper

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Why Don’t You…?


… paint your kitchen window trim a bright, fluorescent hue?

I loooove a good, neutral kitchen. It’s beautiful and timeless and smart – because after all, no homeowner wants to choose something overtly trendy when redecorating the most expensive space in his/her home. But sometimes, we crave a bit of… color. Life. Personality. Here’s where this brilliant trick comes in handy…


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An Eclectic Kitchen


My parents’ kitchen is quite dated, and every time I visit, my mother proceeds to ask me no less than fifteen questions about how I’d refresh the space. Would you add pendants? Should we get rid of the built-ins? Paint the wood? And I’ve always fired off millions of answers, always lamenting that yes, those built-ins must be painted white. Must, must, must. But now that I’ve spotted the above kitchen, I have a feeling my answer will differ greatly…


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How to… Pastel

Pastel is a pretty tricky color story to work with when decorating a home, don’t you think? Often times a collection of light-colored hues can make a room feel too feminine and childish. Yet with the right tools and know-how, pastel can turn a variety of spaces into a light-filled and beautiful room. Here are a few tips for making it work in your own home!:

1. Texture.
Pay special attention to texture when decorating with pastels. Rather than opting for light pink throw pillows or buttercup blankets, try incorporating pastel hues into heavier items with a hard texture, such as wooden coffee tables and metal floor lamps. This keeps the look from feeling too “sweet” and mixes in a bit of toughness for the perfect balance!

2. Shape.
Throw in a few angular items to keep the space feeling fresh and modern. The metal desk lamp above adds so much character to this vignette, primarily because of the detailed angles it provides. Other great shapes to try? Prism-inspired end tables, triangular pillows or even geometric-inspired artwork.

3. Layers.
Don’t forget to layer the space with plenty of natural materials like wood, wool and metal. Layers add a great deal of detail to any room and is the perfect place to “weight” down all of those lighter shades!

So what do you think, friends – are you excited to give pastel a go in your home? Any tips you have when using pastel to decorate your space? I’d love to hear!

Image via PLAZA Interior 

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Decorating with Lockers

Too cool for school? Never. With the rise of industrial materials and today’s trendy nod to vintage metal, school lockers are showing up in some of my favorite homes to date. Let’s take a look, shall we?:

Image: House & Garden

Above, a Scandinavian-inspired living space is the perfect backdrop for gray-blue aged lockers, providing both incredible storage and maximum style.


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