How To Decorate A Large Space

As highly desired as large spaces are, they’re often some of the hardest rooms to decorate. Don’t we all have a den, basement or great room that never feels quite right? Fortunately, many large spaces can be transformed by following a few easy guidelines:

Image: Digs Digs

1. Remember Scale.
Nothing can make a large space feel more out of place than tiny furnishings. From art to furniture, be sure the scale matches the setting. If your ceilings are high, for instance, wingback chairs might be more appropriate than a low chaise lounge.

2. Multiply.
Designate multiple seating areas throughout the room to maximize conversation and fill empty spaces. Remember to “float” furniture rather than push it against walls – this helps any room feel worlds cozier!

3. Provide Weight.
Try a giant area rug to balance the space and designate each separate seating arrangement. Because extra large area rugs can be pricey, try attaching two large area rugs together for one giant textile!

4. Accessorize.
Don’t be afraid to add end tables, ottomans, floor lamps, throws and credenzas that will keep the room from looking too sparse. After all, design is in the details!

What about you? Any tips for making the most of a supersized space? Share them in the comments below!

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Fall is in the air…

The cover of the latest FLOR catalog shows a warm and cozy bedroom outfitted with a beautiful stripe pattern we call Fall In Line – how appropriate for the coming season. How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Fall In Line is the perfect style if you’re looking for a little diversity in your flooring but aren’t ready to commit to a more opinionated stripe design. Fall In Line blends soothing neutral hues in tidy, organized stripes that give just enough texture to your floor without stealing the show.

Our designers have paired it here with this gorgeous rustic wooden bed but it could just as easily adapt to a sleek modern decor.  Whichever you choose, it’s a solid performer with impeccable style … you can’t go wrong.

If you seek other options, check out our full range of pattern designs – there’s one for every aesthetic.




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A Perfect Formula

When it comes to decorating, I nearly always start the process with a monochromatic palettes. Perhaps it’s because I’m a girl that likes to play it safe, or maybe I just gravitate toward simplicity. Either way, I’m a big believer in investing in timeless black and white pieces to fill out a room and adding less expensive accessories to keep the look fresh.

But how do you keep the look warm, rather than cold, minimalistic and uninviting?

[Image: Bodie & Fou]

With wood.

It’s very Scandinavian, yes, but also very classic and easy to transform as your tastes grow and change. After all, wood can be finished, re-finished, painted, re-painted and stripped over and over again. Even better? Wood is a warm tone, so you can count on its texture to create an inviting atmosphere in your otherwise monochromatic room.

White + black + wood = my perfect formula. What’s yours?

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The Art of Consistency

One of the decor theories I struggle with the most when it comes to planning a space is consistency. I'm a fickle person, so it's hard enough to settle on a style for each room, let alone a style for an entire home.

Yet after spotting this lovely Stockholm apartment from Emmas Designblogg, I've completely changed my tune. The elements are perfectly paired and balanced, utilizing a great deal of natural materials and clean minimalism.


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50′s FAB For Floors.

A friend stopped by with a gift the other day. A fabulous Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Book, published in 1957. I wish I could share the entire collection with you, as it is such great fun! It provides a step back in time into the living rooms and lifestyle of the 50's. 1950's decor reflects a society that believed in a culture of convenience. Tremendous advancements in technology and material availability provided new and innovative opportunity in furniture and product design.


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