FLOR story – My New Condo

It thrills us to know that our customers get so excited about designing their homes and we feel so honored when we get to be a part of that design. Check out Jenn's FLOR story and how she ended up choosing the rug that completed her space.


Dear FLOR,

I LOVE MY FLOR! I just moved into my first condo and I was dying to decorate. FLOR was definitely one of the first things that came to mind. I am not a huge risk taker when it comes to color, but I really wanted a little bit of it in my space. I couldn't decide if I wanted the pillows to pop or if my rug was going to be the focal point. After spending countless hours on your FLOR builder and chatting it up with Colleen ( I think that was her name) from customer service, I came up with my rug. I had some very colorful combinations picked out, but in the end I decided to go with a more subtle color (Oyster). It may not look very exciting in this photo, but it is such a prettier alternative to cream or beige. 

And, a huge thank you to Colleen for her great tips.  She suggested ordering two different styles of the same color to create some interest. So, my design is made up of Rake Me Over and Feeling Groovy. I had thoughts about putting the tiles in a checkerboard pattern, but after moving them around a few times, I decided on striping them. It's hard to see the texture change in the photo, but in person it really makes a difference. Hope you like it as much as I do. Thanks for all of your help. I'll definitely be ordering more FLOR in the near future. 



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Why Don’t You…?

Decor is all about breaking the norm, bending the rules and pushing through the boundaries. Look around your home: how many "rules" are you living by that just simply don't suit your lifestyle? A symmetrical room you just can't relax in, or a stiff, upholstered sofa you have to wrangle your children from daily?

Throw the rules out the window. Case in point:

Image Credit: Number 19

Some might argue this bed isn't grounded properly in the room, with no headboard or end tables (save the one in the corner) to help balance it. Yet this bed is cozy, inviting and beautiful – with or without matching end tables. Sure, it's floating in the middle of a giant room, but it works.

Inspiring, yes? Remember this bed next time you're second-guessing whether your home is decorated "properly" or not. (Hint: there is no "properly!")

Go forth and have fun with your decor — FLOR's orders!

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Trendy Baby Trend

A couple of weeks ago Michelle Adams, Editor in Chief of Lonny Magazine, was featured on the Nate Berkus show discussing decorating trends for 2011.  Michelle and Nate discussed how the current design trends focus on "sophistication regardless of style" and "well edited homes" with a "big push for thoughtful details" and then Michelle revealed the five hottest decorating trends for 2011.

Here they are in order (photos via: The Nate Berkus Show)

5) Mirrored Accessories



4) Typographical elements


3) Storage on display


2) Mid-century Style Lighting


1) Rust color


I IMMEDIATELY started to think about how well these trends could translate into sophisticated and modern nursery spaces.

Mirrored details: Just look at this drop.dead. gorgeous glider in Lee Klienhelter's, owner of Pieces, Nursery (ironically featured in Lonny, but found here).  Seriously, my breath was taken away when I saw it. 


Mirrored details: if a mirrored glider isn't in your budget, a beautiful lamp (like this one found at the aforementioned Pieces) set on a dresser would be a wonderful, fresh addition to a nursery.



Typographical elements: Delicious fonts and beautiful prints have been a growing trend in kid decor for a couple of years now.  Just check out this beautiful display Kelly at
Blush!nk created in her son, Mavi's, nursery.



Typographical elements: This delightful set of prints from Grace Hester Designs is available on Etsy.



Storage on display: The open shelves in this beautiful nursery (photographed by Sarah Dorio) are fundamental in breaking up all of the white and creating a whimsical play area.



Storage on display: This clear, Lucite tray from Rosenberry Rooms would look amazing next to a changing area on a dresser to corral diaper creams, lotions, nail clippers, etc.



Mid-century style lighting: I'm pretty sure this is the same room as the one with that outSTANDing mirrored chair (photo found here)…but check out the stunning basket weave pendant reflected in the mirror.


Mid-century style lighting: This amazing light fixture paired with the Lucite console and chair take this nursery (found over at DecorArts Now) from traditional to glamorous.


Rust color: The rust accent rug and ride-on toy really pop against the gray and white in Johannes' nursery found on Project Nursery.


Rust color: Of course, rust doesn't have to be delegated as the accent color.  It works great here in tandem with the bright vibrant blue in this 'Global' inspired nursery


Seeing all of these top design trends in nursery spaces is so inspiring!  What's your favorite design trend of 2011?

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A Crafty Map Arrangement

Image via Emmas DesignBlogg

I search for creative art displays as often as I fill my coffee cup (which is very, very often, folks). And after spotting the above crafty map installation, could the search be over?

Never. But it certainly is quite a find. I love the organized chaos of the frames; the strategic placement and imaginative white space. Bonus? The gallery wall seems to frame the modern, white couch perfectly.

To get the look, I'd take any map to your local printer, blow up the image and start mounting the images in a reverse jigsaw-puzzle format.

Cheap, chic and creative. Happy crafting!

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Feeling Industrious

No. 1 / No. 2 / No. 3 / No. 4

And by industrious, I mean completely and utterly industrial. After perusing through boxes and boxes of my husband's grandfather's garage (did you follow that?), I stumbled upon dozens of vintage industrial items that I wouldn't mind scattering about my own home.

There's something completely organic about surrounding oneself with items that conjure memories of years ago — from generation to generation. And whether or not they're authentically vintage, I find the look absolutely charming.

Of course, there are a few ground rules when dealing with period pieces that are so harsh in nature:

1. Layer textures. Keep things soft and light by layering textiles, such as sheepskin rugs, sheer draperies and plenty of throws (especially in this chilly weather!).
2. Get green. A healthy dose of nature often combats harsh edges and seemingly "cold" spaces, breathing life into any room. Don't have the greenest thumb? Try a cactus; same effect, much easier to maintain.
3. Mix modern. Don't forget to add in some modern elements to avoid looking like you're living in your grandmother's attic. Try clean lines, basic color schemes and modular pieces for a surprisingly rich effect.

Happy decorating!

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