MODERN Magazine


I am always on the lookout for new and exciting design publications. I recently came across a new magazine with an appealing focus titled, MODERN. Modern Magazine delves into the realm of Design, Architecture and Decorative Arts. Introduced by the publisher of Interview Magazine, Brandt Publications, the new resource will be sold at select newsstands in print, as well as online. “Modern covers all of the facets of collecting modern design, from aesthetics to market conditions, emphasizing information important for any serious collector, as well as material appealing to any fan of design,” MODERN It is intelligent and well written, covering a broad range of topics related to many Modern Design interests. I can’t get enough of it. This isn’t a “what’s in style” magazine, this is a go-to for stimulating writing about designers, objects, art and their meaning. MODERN is self described as a ‘premiere art and design publication giving life to vintage and contemporary decorative arts. Created for collectors, curators and dealers, MODERN is the definitive resource for design enthusiasts.’ While this may be true, I believe it is accessible and appropriate for anyone interested in design. It is a welcome departure from the focus of many current design publications. It allows even the casual flea market collector, to learn or confirm what to look for in a collectible in the modernist genre. Guest editors grace the pages each issue, providing a unique and varied tone every time. Subscriptions are reasonable, and available in print, or on your ipad, phone or laptop. Just the answer for train time, or relaxing in the sun and the autumn breeze. Enjoy.

Images and excerpts at MODERN.

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