Straight Forward And To The Point.

I believe a home should reflect the personal style of the occupant. Convey a sense of – Whimsy. Mood. Goings on. I recently purchased some functional accessories, handmade by a talented New York designer, Alexandra Ferguson. Alexandra speaks volumes, very softly. She makes pillows. Let me get straight to the point. Alexandra does. She says it like it is, so we don’t have to. Bold, strong and beautiful, I never would have believed a bundle of feathers could pack such a punch. Now remember, my audience is a pack of pre-teen boys. I thought it the perfect subtle reminder to place these nesting objects on the new family room sofa. Now, wouldn’t it be nice if I never had to verbally express these words again? Wishful thinking perhaps. But, I’m hopeful that Alexandra’s subliminal messaging while the boys are lounging, will do the trick.


Ok. So perhaps your target audience falls in a different cross section of the population. A message to a boyfriend, a gift to a friend, or well-wishes to a co-worker. No worries my friend. Alexandra has you covered. Categories include: House Rules, Man Cave, Good Advice, Lets Make Out, Monogram, In The Press, Office, and Cartoons. How about one of these? She also takes custom orders. Come on, speak up!

Alexandra has received some great press, in Real Simple Magazine, Shape and House Beautiful. Her pillows are eco-conscious, handmade in the USA one at a time with 100% recycled felt made from recycled water bottles.
Oh, excuse me, did you say something?
Images found on artists website on Etsy.

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