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Dekalb market opened on July 23rd in downtown Brooklyn. This is right up my alley. An expression of community, without pretense. Each vendor space is set up in a repurposed shipping container. Currently, there are 22 local companies, including cafes restaurants, retail outlets, as well as a Brooklyn community based internet radio station. This venture supports a spirit of entrepreneurship, creating opportunity for independent start-ups to share their wares. It creates a place for gathering in the neighborhood, on a previously vacant lot. The simplicity of form and non permanence of the shipping container shell, offers shelter and security for its contents, yet communicates a sense of freedom from the expected. The way I see it, this important architectural solution opens the eyes and minds of visitors to look within for the meaning of their visit, rich with creativity and passion for the artists craft.

Dekalb Market is a joint venture of Urban Space, and Youngwoo & Associates. “On the former site of the Albee Square shopping center between Willoughby and Fulton Streets, the containers are stacked two-high to form a gateway, and they drop to one story along the perimeter of the one-acre lot, which also accommodates a temporary weekend fair. The container vendors include a diverse mix of established and start-up companies, like Robicelli’s cupcakes and Cuzin’s Duzin doughnuts. The vendors each leased their new hubs for one year and could individualize the container interiors”. the architects newspaper This concept is based on Urban Space markets in England, and more are planned for the U.S. Looking forward to it!

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